Naming Quandary on a Sunny Pre-Spring Weekend…

As I get close to putting ET back on the scent list, I’m wondering if I should give it a new name. Like the original ET, this new formula has main notes of frankincense, labdanum (plus cistus this time), and sandalwood. This new scent is quite different, however, so I wonder if I should retire the old name and start fresh. I’m considering simply calling this one Incense. I do like the name Encens Tranquille though and think it fits this scent even better than the original since this one is gentler. Both versions are dry and fit the contemplative theme. I had to reformulate ET because I could no longer buy the old oakmoss I had used in the original formula, and I may never be able to do something exactly the same as old ET again. I could either look at that as a reason to re-use the name since I like it, or I could see it as a reason to retire the name since this scent is significantly different. I’d love any feedback anyone has on the name quandary (the naming issue is always hard for me!).

I’ve just started to hear back from a few people about my latest tweak to make the new ET formula a tad less dry, and so far feedback is good. I’ll see if that continues.

I made some more changes to the base of BB (Bouquet Blanche) and am much happier with it as of today. I want the tail end to be something that I still find interesting, rather than having a nice floral blend the first few hours with a ho-hum final drydown. I added some beeswax to the heart and some orris, vetiver, and oakmoss to the base. The base is a little more in the classical direction now, and I like that. The beeswax adds a pretty, but subtle, hint of pollen/honey and hasn’t gone too sweet as of my testing so far.

I apologize that Opal is out of stock for a while. I’m having an issue with an ingredient and may need to reformulate, but I won’t have time to dig into that project until I finish ET and BB.

It was a beautiful spring-like sunny day today, which was very welcome after rain all day yesterday. The garden is so wet that we have a bumper crop of frogs, lol, and they are singing constantly. I bet they are beneficial for the garden though. The roses are leafing out and it won’t be long before we’ll have a few of the first spring roses.

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  1. i may be a sentimental old fool, but i really like the original name…..especially since you will never be able to duplicate the original…..that way the legacy goes on!


  2. I like the original name too, but I can see why you are thinking of a change if it’s not the same perfume any more.
    Perhaps put ‘nouveau’ in there somewhere?

  3. Thanks Jo and Tania!

    I think there are logical arguments both ways. It really is different now and maybe I ahould change the name so there’s no confusion that it is essentially a new scent, just based on the same concept of an incense with lots of natural ingredients and prominent notes of frankincense, labdanum, and sandal. Yet, I like the old name too and it still fits. I’m not sure what’s best but will think about it a few more days. Maybe more people will weigh in too.

  4. Hi Beth! I’ve been mulling this over today and since it is so different I think I should go with a new name. I’d love to name it something that would give a nod to the high level of naturals in it. To me, the most notable aspect of this scent is how many pretty natural essences it contains and how it features the frankincense CO2 and the special blend of cistus fraction plus labdanum. If I can’t think of a name I like with the natural theme I could always go simple and call it Incense.

  5. Maybe just in English, Incense Tranquil? Perhaps that’d keep the theme but signify a change? Easier to pronounce too, lol. Or something else with the calm or peaceful theme.

  6. Laurie,

    How about either “Encens Trรจs Tranquille” or “Encens Naturel”?

    I was also thinking “Encens Plus Tranquille” (I think that means “most tranquil” but, then again, my French is very elementary so I’m not sure about that one.)

    It’s rather fun to think about…good luck!

  7. Hi Suzanne,

    I thought about Encens Naturel too and like it. Not sure if it implies 100% natural ingredients though, which isn’t accurate. It is full of nice naturals (almost all the notes are natural), but there are a few synths too (the sandalwood accord is not all natural, and it has a few violet ionones and a touch of synth musk along with the natural angelica root).

    I think I’ll try to avoid Tranquille, unless I go English with Incense Tranquil. Another couple possible words are calme or esprit. I’ll keep thinking…

    Thanks for help!

  8. More possibilities: Incense Pure and Encens Profond (someone suggested that second one and I really like it). Pure fits too since it is just woods and incense without floral notes, and since it is high in naturals and especially in frankincense CO2. I like both, but the Profond seems a bit more special.

  9. After thinking more, maybe Profond is more than I want to imply. I do find that natural ingredients have a deep affect on me, but I don’t want to overstate or generalize for others. Maybe Incense Pure is a good way to go. I will stop talking to myself here, lol, and organize a new post on this eventually.

  10. How about Encens Pastoral or Halcyon Encens?
    I don’t speak a lick of French – so these could both be terribly wrong…


  11. Hi Matthew, thanks for stopping by! The pastoral idea is neat, though it tends to make me think more of green and grassy notes that this doesn’t have. Halcyon is an interesting word and might fit as Incense Halcyon for its calm and tranquil connotation. That’s a good one I wouldn’t have thought of! Thanks!

  12. Hi Laurie,

    I applied a drop last night and began reorganizing samples (old eyeglass cases work great for 1 ml vials ๐Ÿ˜‰ and gradually envisioned a word hand-lettered on plain cardstock. Had to look it up this morning to be sure of the definition and to my surprise it’s even French!


    The synonyms of meditation, contemplation and reflection are pretty descriptive of my experience with 2-17-3 at least ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lieu de Reves for daydreaming and Encens Reverie for nighttime musings? LOL This is fun!

  13. Hi Laura,

    Oh, that’s nice! I just made a post above saying I’m leaning to Incense Pure but I’ll have to add Reverie to my list too! Thanks! Actually, I’d like to do a floral incense (I came upon a couple interesting combinations while working on this that could be developed into a floral incense) and that’d be a pretty name for one too!

    The final version that I like best is 2-17-3 with a touch more vanilla absolute. It helps make it a little richer but surprisingly didn’t get too sweet for me. Glad you’re having fun testing it! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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