Naming quandaries

One new scent is about done, so it’s time for me to come up with a name.  The notes include sandal, cedar, frankincense, jasmine, carnation, labdanum, musk, and soft aldehydes. It’s not overly floral but not intense woods either, and the aldehydes add a little effervescence without being heavy.  A couple testers have liked the scent a lot and commented on this bubbly aspect, which made me wonder if a name like Champagne Fleurs would fit.  Still thinking and always welcome naming help!  The word champagne has been used before, but I’m having a hard time thinking of something else that captures a sparkling or effervescent nature. 

Still working on the Jour Ensoleille tweak and a jasmine scent as well.  Will get back to the roses too.

The containers we hope to use for the new summer lotion are on back order.  We should be able to get them within a couple weeks, so we’re making progress there.

Back to sniffing and blending…

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  1. Fantaisie De Champagne (Fancy Champagne)
    Rêves De Champagne (Champagne Dreams)
    Champagne des Fleurs (Flowers of the Champagne)
    Fleurs De Scintillement (Sparkling Flowers)

  2. Lots of good ideas there! I like champagne and lumiere as possible words for this one. Will keep rolling it around. Thanks for help!!

  3. Dear Laurie,
    Excited about your new scent. What does bubbly smell like ?
    I , too, share a passion for “naming”. it’sa creative outlet.
    Cheri, ma chere,
    Vous avez choisi beaucoup de noms geniales pour cet nouveau parfum .
    Je les adore tous.
    It’s hard to do better than Cheri’s suggestions,
    Fete de Champage, Sparking Flowers , Walk in the Woods,
    Good Luck

  4. Hi Madelyn,
    I think aldehydes can smell sparkling or bubbly or fizzy to some people. This one starts out with that in the top but the effect softens as the woods warm up. Maybe I should choose a more general name that has no notes so each person can make an individual interpretation. I like your Fete idea for that reason! Thanks!!

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