My bottle shipment survives hurricane Sandy!

I had a large shipment of my empty 34 ml bottles coming on a pallet by boat from Europe, and they landed in New York the day before Sandy hit. They sat in a New York port for two weeks before finally making the last leg of the journey to me. We just picked them up today in South San Francisco and they look fine. So, when you get this next batch of bottles you’ll be holding Sandy survivor bottles! I’m relieved that all is well. Some of the boxes were a bit bashed (probably due to rough handling rather than anything to do with Sandy), but the bottles inside the boxes are all in good shape. I had no idea when I ordered the bottles months ago that they’d arrive the day before a huge hurricane.

We’re expecting a large storm system here over the next few days with potential flooding in the river area. I am located up high on a hilltop, so we are out of danger here. I’m hoping the people who live by the river are not hit hard.

I’m working on getting Rose Volupte and the two new naturals onto the website.

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