Mother Deer and Two Fawns

We have a mother deer and her two fawns living on and near our property. They’ve been here for over a month and we see them almost daily as they walk through and graze. The babies still have spots and are so cute. They bound off if we get very close, which makes taking pictures challenging, but they are not scared as long as we are several feet away. I thought I’d share a few pictures that my Mom managed to snap (that’s our garden hose at their feet).

I’m making testers to get some feedback on the fig and the floral. I’ll have more info on that soon. Happy weekend!

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  1. Laurie,
    Those fawns are precious! We have deer in Fla, too.A few weeks ago I had an encounter w/twin fawns (post-spots). They were crossing the shell road where I live, Momma deer not in sight. They were not big enough to jump the hog-wire fence and one had gone through one of the bigger squares, momentarily stuck at the waist, but wiggled through. The other got it’s hind foot/hoof caught in a loop of wire. I stopped and got it loose, but man, it was a struggle! That fencing was so tight, it was all I could do to take the tension off so it could pull it’s foot free. And, of course, it was terrified, and cried in a bleating manner: “MOMMAA! A big, pink biped has me by the foot & is going to eat me!” When it was free, it ran off w/o a backward glance, not limping & seemed fine, but I was rattled for the rest of the day. Not to mention the bruises & scratches (barbed wire along there, too)I had for the next week. If there is anything that makes me panic, it’s an animal in distress. I’ll start carrying wire-cutters in my car from now on.

    1. Wow, glad you were there at the right time to help free the fawn and glad you weren’t too badly scratched or hurt. Barbed wire is mean stuff. That’s quite a story! We have a little fence that they sail over in a bound, but I could see how wire fences could be tough for the little ones. Glad it all ended well!

  2. Spots on the fawn are just beautiful! Mule deer, right? It’s those big ears.
    Hope at least they’re not too interested in your flowers!

    1. Hi Ann! I’ll have to look that up — I don’t know for sure what kind of deer we have here. They do have big ears, lol. I have most of the garden behind a deer fence so they can only nibble what grows through the fence, luckily! Otherwise they much prefer roses to grass. 🙂

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