Morning Testing

I like to test scents I’m working on first thing in the morning when my nose is fresh and I have yet to start any work for the day. My alarm wakes me up at 6 a.m. and I put on a dab of a new blend and head out to the kitchen to make oatmeal (I’ve loved the smell of plain oats since I was a kid, lol). The sun comes up as I do my morning tasks, and often there’s a gorgeous pink glow in the sky, illuminating clouds that float over the hills. Sometimes I catch a glance of the big wild turkeys making their morning commute all in a line, or occasionally I’ll see a rabbit trying to reach through the fence to nibble at my garden. I sniff my wrist and observe how much sillage I get as I do the morning chores. I usually notice things I hadn’t noticed the day before while working on the scent. I’ll make a note in my mind of the tweaks I want to try next, and then I head to the computer to check the morning email before getting packages ready to beat the mail pickup at noon. Another day begins…

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