More naming and back to blending

I may have a name for the new amber incense scent.  I’d wanted it to be something that would fit the meditative theme since it is an incense, and I thought it might be nice to keep to the tranquil theme since it came from working on Encens Tranquille.  I’m thinking of naming it Passaddhi, which is a Buddhist (Pali) word for tranquility, serenity, calm, peace. 

I started working on putting the new moss into Fireside Intense today and the moss switch will be fine.  I had used a brown moss in the original, and the new low atranol moss substitutes well for it.  With ET, I had used a green moss that was a bit different and I can’t get it anymore even if I wanted to use it; the low atranol moss makes more of a difference in ET and combined with the new labdanum I’m struggling with that one. 

While I’m putting the new moss into Fireside Intense, I’m trying a few other things just to see if any other changes improve it.  I’m trying a touch of angelica root, which has a dark and slightly animalic, smoky scent.  I’m also trying a bit more dry amber and bit less cedar.  This scent is fairly easy to tweak in various directions depending on preference, but I need to keep it campfire-like because it is the intense version, after all.

On a happy note, I finished the big paperwork project I’ve been working on and now can focus on restocking the scents that are almost out, as well as finishing these four formulas (the new amber/incense, Fireside Intense, Jour Ensoleille, and gardenia).  I’ll wait a bit longer and then pick a date to put the cart up, somewhere between Aug 30 and Sept 2.

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  1. I would offer Samatva, Sanskrit for the state of harmony or balance. Enjoying following your thought processes as you formulate and reformulate. Sounds like you’ve been busy. More moss I always say! And yea!! for the cart going back up. ~Donna

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks! Samatva is nice too, and maybe easier to spell and remember. I see a candle product named Samatva but not perfume so it may not be taken. I did see some people have it as a user name online and it’s used as a name for some yoga schools. I like both Passaddhi and Samatva. Passaddhi is used for a retreat in Ireland but I didn’t see anything else. I’ll think about which one to use.

      I’ve acquired new ingredients since I did Fireside Intense so it’s tempting to try a few things as I work in the new moss. I’m trying it without the Choya since that has some odd opening notes, though the drydown is a nice smoky leathery smell. I may not need the Choya though and leaving it out would improve the start.

      Thanks for stopping in and for the great name suggestion! Happy weekend. 🙂

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