More incense…

I have my favorite version of the incense scent picked and am just waiting for a few more feedbacks to make that a final decision. I do think it ought to have a new name to avoid confusion because it’s quite different than the original ET. I’m leaning to Incense Pure at the moment — that name feels comfortable to me because I spent a lot of time working to make the formula as natural as I could and to make it very high in frankincense. I used only vanilla absolute for the vanilla fraction (removing the vanillin to keep it natural and removing the natural benzoin because I liked the smell of the pure absolute better in this). I also decided not to use floral notes in this to make it a pure incense scent, but I plan to do a floral incense later.

Some other name options I considered are Incense Tranquil (but maybe it is better to go with something entirely new) or Incense Serene (but a number of scents already use the word serene) or Encens Profond (but this may imply more than I want to) or Incense 2010 (but that may get more complicated than I want) or Encens Naturel (but I may save that for an all-natural version of this I’d like to do someday). Edited to add: someone just suggested Encens Reverie and that does seem very pretty!

I’m hoping to have samples on the website next week and do a drawing here on the blog for some free samples next week as well. My new bottles arrive next week too, though we still need one piece of paperwork to get them through customs and I’m waiting anxiously for that paperwork to arrive.

We have beautiful spring weather this week and it’s such a treat! I hope places back east that have been hammered by rain will get a chance to dry out.

I’ll keep posting on the release of the incense but I’m shooting for the beginning of next week. Emails with comments on names under consideration and/or name suggestions are always welcome. 🙂 I’ll send a newsletter out too when it is on the site.

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