Monday’s This and That

I snuck in some work on the new woods scent today, juggling some notes around to smooth the scent and adding a couple things for details (a touch of castoreum for richness in the base and another dry woodsy heart note). I’ll try the three testers in the morning with a fresh nose and see where I am. Hope to work again on Reves tomorrow too because I was feeling optimistic when I last left off yesterday.

There was a nice mention of Champagne de Bois this weekend as a holiday scent choice:

Five Fragrances For The Holidays

I sure love two of the other picks: Chanel 22, which is a long-term favorite of mine, and SL Fumerie Turque.  Chanel Coco feels like a festive holiday scent to me too, spicy, warm, and formal.

My poor garden is looking bedraggled and needs a winter cutting back. The paperwhites are starting to bloom now, with their very intense, heady scent. They’re too potent for many people, but I enjoy bringing in just one sprig at a time.  They always bloom from Thanksiving through Christmas here and help make me feel like it’s the holiday season.

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