Mini Sprays Update

I have taken the 2.5 mini sprays off the site for a few days. I am replacing them with 3 ml mini sprays that should be more leak-proof on long air flights (I’ve had some problems with the current ones in the last few months). I’ll get the new mini sprays up as soon as I can, probably next Tuesday. I receive one shipment tomorrow and more next week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this will be a good move long term. They have glass bottoms and black screw tops very similar to the current ones, but they hold 3.3 ml when filled to the rim. We plan to fill to 3 ml.

Also, thank you, Julia, for including To Dream and Fig Tree in your sleep scent post! I need darkness and quiet to fall asleep too, but these days I’m asleep within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow around 11:30 or 12. I usually sleep like a rock until the alarm at 7, so I go scent-free at night, letting the remnants of the day’s testing wear off overnight.

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  1. I did have one of the mini-sprays leak when shipping to Australia, but I’ve noticed that some of the tops screw on tight, and some just keeping going around and around, so I save the tighter ones for shipping now. Hopefully between the tight tops, and some newly acquired teflon tape and parafilm they’ll be fine. I love the spray mechanism on them, so I don’t regret picking them up.

    1. I know what you mean by the round and round! We toss those out when we make samples. I can send you a handful of extra tops next time I send a package to you. I’m hoping this new kind will be better. The options are limited for glass with screw top, but I don’t want plastic and the push-on kind are so hard to do by hand. Send me an email if you need some extra tops soon.

      1. That’s a generous offer, Laurie, thank you very much, but not necessary. The round-and-round tops are relatively few, and I just use them for myself when I want to spray a dabber sample, or for samples I’m making for local friends – which happens quite a bit these days, it’s so much fun to share!

  2. I did notice that my 2.5 oz spray had oozed a bit upon delivery but my cats and everything I touched after I opened the package smelled gorgeous so it didn’t bother me a bit 😉 Will be placing another (larger) order soon.

    1. Lol at your perfumed cats. 🙂 I’m hoping these new mini sprays won’t have very many with the ooze factor. We started filling them today and I’ll have them on the site by the end of Thursday.

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