Mid-week Update

I uploaded this picture of the new Lieu de Reves to the website. I’ll hold off on a newsletter announcing it for now, assuming that Tabac Aurea is almost done and I can send a newsletter for the two. I like the bit of extra tabac I just added to Tabac Aurea.

The Sonoma Scent Studio line has just been added to the fragrantica database and some reviews are starting to accumulate there. It’s a large database where community members can read and write reviews, read interviews and articles, and check a perfume blogroll that lists links to the latest entries on various perfume blogs.

Here’s the home page:


and the Sonoma Scent Studio page:


The Perfumed Court has added three more Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances to their decant list: Wood Violet, Voile de Violette, and Champagne de Bois.

It’s been cold and rainy, with 3 feet of snow on the nearby mountains according to my ISP, which has had outages in our internet service because of the storms.  I’ve been back and forth between dial-up and high speed since Saturday.  My plum tree doesn’t realize it’s still cold though and is really starting to bloom.

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  1. Hi Jo! I love the Now Smell This blog. I don’t know how Robin does it, staying on top of all the news the way she does, but her blog is a great way to keep up with what’s happening, and the reviews are a wonderful resource too. I like the team of writers she has put together.

    Yes, some people have mentioned to me lately that there have been some nice comments over there about my fragrances in some of the threads and I’m very appreciative of the support.

    For anyone who needs it, here’s a link:

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