Memorial Day Post

The Post Office and FedEx are closed today, so I’m packing orders to ship tomorrow. I’m making some testers too.

I’m trying Cameo again and really like it but worry whether this version will be too soft for some people; the previous version was stronger, so I’m thinking about a compromise between the two. Edited to add: I tried increasing the concentration and reducing one item that seemed to be damping the scent down a bit, and those two changes helped the oomph factor a lot. I’ll test it more, but the formula may be fine as is now.

I have a yummy new beeswax absolute to try in Gardenia Musk. It has a smooth, buttery quality that could be very nice in the gardenia if I make adjustments to reduce sweetness from other things. I may try it in Ambre Noir too, but doubt I can get away with it there.

Tried the musk-reduced tabac tweak again last night and have a version ready for testing; it should be an interesting option for those who are anosmic to the musk in the original, substituting hay absolute and oakmoss for the musk.

There was a nice review of Voile de Violette yesterday (link below)!

A Weekend Voyage Through Violets

Hope your holiday weekend has been a good one!

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  1. Hi Laurie –

    I know everyone is different, but I’m in the camp where I’d like to be able to smell the perfume I’m wearing without having to get super-close to the source. I really love the Vintage Rose for its unique beauty and because I can feel myself surounded by its lasting aura (none of my co-works have yet complained about any of my perfumes being too strong).
    Am also looking forward to trying the new Tabac when it’s ready. So glad to see you’re incorporating oakmoss.

    All the best!


  2. Hi Gail!

    I noticed that too; it should be Voile rather than Viole. It means veil, like a soft veil of violet. Abby may have been thinking of the way Liz Zorn spells the name for her violet scent Domino Viole, and I’m not sure of the story behind that name.

  3. Hi Ann!

    Not sure if Cameo will be softer than you want; I’d like it to be one of my softer, quieter scents, but I agree it needs to have enough oomph to not need to glue your wrist to your nose! Hope to have the Cameo ready soon for testing. The Tabac option is quite strong though with plenty of sillage. Yes, I’ll keep using natural moss because the synths just can’t compare.

    Wasted this whole day working w/ techs to try to repair my down high speed internet connection. Still on dial-up after 24 hours. Frustrating. Will get back to the scents asap.

  4. Hi Laurie,

    Now I see the perfumer’s dilemma. I love the longevity of your fragrances, but I tend to like the ones with softer sillage, like Lieu de Reves (which I have been raving about to anyone who will listen.) The idea that Cameo may be one of your softer fragrances definitely appeals to me.

    Having said that, I love Vintage Rose, too.

    Ann C.

  5. Hi Ann C!

    Thanks for your input! I think it’s nice to offer a range of scents with some stronger, heavier ones and some softer, lighter ones. Some people gravitate toward one or rhe other, and some people alternate depending on mood and plans for the day.

    Cameo is softer, especially after the first two hours, but I think it’s coming along well now. I wore it yesterday and still smelled the soft sandalwood musk base when I went to sleep, though in the first four hours the rose is a prominent player. The first two or three hours do have some sillage but it’s more of a skn scent after that. As soon as I get this internet connection mess cleared up I’ll get some testers out.

    Glad you’re enjoying the scents! Thanks for stopping by!

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