Lovely Tabac Review, and Update

Someone made me smile today by sending me a link to a beautiful new review of Tabac Aurea posted today by Brian at I Smell Therefore I Am. Thanks so much, Brian, I’m glad you liked it! I love feeling the enthusiasm people have for fragrance when they write about it, and it’s even more special if it happens to be one of mine.

I relate to Brian’s assessment of Tabac Aurea as being gourmand because it is that way for me too. I’m glad he enjoyed the soft plum/berry/fruity notes in it that I wanted to use to offer a little subtle, juicy contrast to the musk, tabac, and woods. Someone in the comments mentions getting a dirty note in the opening, and that comes from a woodsy ingredient that is sort of in the patchouli family but is different; it does add an earthy note to the start and then softens quickly. I could easily decrease that note by special request if it bothered someone, but I like what it adds to the drydown. Tabac actually contains a small amount of aged Indian patchouli EO plus two other earthy ingredients that help offset sweetness from other things in the blend (the vetiver that Brian liked is another item that helps counter sweetness).

I wish I could put the cart back up but need to wait a little longer. My Mom is doing much, much better so that’s great (especally since it is her birthday today!), and I’m making headway on the paperwork that needs to be finished. I’ll post updates here, and for those who are on Facebook I’m there as Laurie Erickson. I’m answering emails and if you want a Tabac Aurea sample you can get those at The Posh Peasant and The Perfumed Court.

I just received some exciting ingredient samples yesterday and can’t wait to test them; I’m hoping to get into them this weekend. And I just tried a quick experiment with gardenia musk that may finish it once I have time to work out the percentages. I’m really pleased.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Laurie – Such good news about your Mom. I remember Kevin’s review as that’s when I added Tabac Aurea to my “to be sampled” list! I’m happy things are going in the right direction for you and I look forward to your return.

    1. I just Googled it as I knew I’d made the note on this well before today and it was Robin at Now Smell This back in Feb. or March, although not a review, just the announcement of the scent with the notes. Everyone commented how great it sounded, and of course, I thought so too.

      Since I’m in central Ky., I love the smell of tobacco curing in the barns in the Fall; I think it would be a great note/accord in a fragrance. If your other scents are as wonderful as Champagne, I’m a customer for life!

  2. Oh, yes, I remember that was a nice thread that developed on NST the day Tabac came out since several people had tried it and liked it.

    What a wonderful scent memory of tobacco drying in the barns! I love a lot of scents associated with the barn environment, like hay, oats, cedar shavings, and leather. You might enjoy trying several tabac scents if you’ve not explored it before. As for my scents, you’ll probably like some and not others because different notes work for different people, but that’s why samples are great!

  3. Brian’s review is at I Smell Therefore I Am, not at NST, don’t know if you want to change the post to reflect that. I have a sample of Tabac Aurea from a swap but haven’t tried it yet — looking forward to it as tobacco is one of my favorite notes!

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Hope your mother enjoyed a nice birthday yesterday.
    So glad Tabac is getting more nods (since I think it’s gorgeous!) and things seem to be coming along in general. Can’t wait to hear more about the Gardenia(s)!
    Have a lovely weekend. NJ’s summer has finally revealed itself in all its humid glory… (LoL)

    1. Lucky you on the humidity! That’s one thing we don’t get here; our heat is very dry. My brother comes just for the day tomorrow to help Mom celebrate her bday, so that’ll be fun to visit with them.

  5. Hi Laurie,
    I’m glad your mother is improving. And perhaps you are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. 😉

    That was me commenting about the ‘dirt note’ on Brian’s review at ISTIA. Don’t worry, I don’t have a problem with the note! I was just giving Brian my thoughts on first trying Tabac Aurea, when that note stood out for me. But as I said, I’m over it. I can see how the note works with the scent, and I love it. Let’s just say my sample is almost dry, and I’ve appreciated TA more and more with each wearing. When you are back up and running, I am thinking of getting some for the autumn!

    1. Hi Tania! Actually it’s good for me to hear feedback like that because it tells me I shouldn’t go stronger with that item in future scents or it’ll seem too strong at the start for some people. Everyone has different sensitivities to notes and if something gets too high those who are more sensitive to it will notice it standing out too much. That item does start with a burst and then settles down pretty quickly. Sometimes it just takes wearing a scent a few times to learn how it progresses and see if it works for you. Glad this one grew on you! Thanks for the feedback! And yes, fall is a great time for tabac scents — my thermometer on the porch at this moment says 102 degrees, lol, so no tabac for me today…

  6. keep your chin up!!!

    we’ve had 31 days of 100+ heat in austin so far this summer, with a BUNCH of them in the 105+ range……..not to mention the humidity. i’ve been in my cave with my library books and intend to stay there until november!!!

    happy birthday to your mom!!!

  7. Hi Jo! Actually I don’t mind the heat; I’m kind of weird that way. I’m a cold wimp though in the winter. 🙂 I’d prefer 80’s or even 90’s to these 100’s, but I don’t wilt as much as my plants do, lol. Your heat is much more humid and difficult — hang in there!

  8. Wow…. 100+ w/humidity. To think I was complaining about NJ’s 80+ degree humidity. Guess I’m the wimp here. Really don’t mind the heat, just don’t like the humidity, which makes the air feel stifling and clothes stick to your body. Although a friend living in Tampa (which is similar to Austin, I think) once remarked that it’s cleansing for the skin…
    I’ve worn the Tabac on warm days (granted not 100+) and it just blooms that much more!

  9. Hi Laurie,

    I’m happy to hear that your mother is getting better. I know you were quite worried about her for a while there.

    I have another question for you–is Jour Ensoille (I’m sure I’ve severly mangled the spelling, sorry!) one of the fragrances you are reformulating with the new oakmoss? It sounds lovely!


  10. Hi Ann C,

    Yes, I’m going to be working the new low-atranol oakmoss into Jour Ensoleille. I’d like to start that soon. If I decide to change it much I may offer another batch of the original formula since I’ve had quite a few requests for it, but we’ll see. I’d like to work with it a little bit first to try the new moss and see how different it seems. I think the moss change by itself won’t affect it too much, but I may adjust the jasmine in it too, and I’m tempted to try a little bit of a new hay absolute in it just to see if I like it. It’s mainly orange blossom/jasmine/tuberose with a mossy woodsy base, and men have liked it a lot too so I want to preserve the unisex aspect. It’s especially nice in fall so I need to get going on it.

    Hope all’s well for you!

    1. Sorry – I keep chiming in it seems! But Ann C just mentioned something I’m dying to try (ok, not exactly ‘dying’ but certainly looking forward to it, LoL!), and I’ve been shy about asking since you’re so pre-occupied these days. So I’ll be looking forward to that as well!

      1. Hi AnnYM! I’m going to bump Jour Ensoleille up the priority list because I’ve had so many requests from those who have already tried the original plus inquiries from people who haven’t yet sampled. I’ll try to do an initial quick trial on it with the new moss in the next few days.

        I also have some more trials/testing to do on gardenia and I’m excited to be getting closer on that one. I can do a little blending/testing in between tasks on this big paperwork project. I haven’t sent any testers out to anyone in ages, but I’m hoping it won’t be long before I have a few testers to send out again between gardenia, Jour Ensoleille, and the Fireside Intense new moss formula.

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