Link to IFRA news, and Ambre Noir in stock again

A post today on the blog Grain de Musc discusses new developments in the IFRA story. Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser and Dior perfumer François Demachy were quoted in the January 13 edition of France’s Le Monde newspaper about the difficulties of maintaining their beautiful historical fragrances under IFRA rulings. These public statements might be a sign that people in the industry are starting to speak up and thus offers some hope. Perhaps all the attention given to this issue by the perfume community has helped. A discussion is also taking place on the blog Now Smell This.

I’m over my cold and we have a beautiful sunny morning today. After I finish the day’s orders I plan to work on ET. I’m trying a little less musk, adding the touch of elemi back in, and increasing the orris, which has been quite subtle in previous mods. These final trials always take a bit of time just to see the effects of changing the dose of the minor players. I want the frankincense and sandalwood to remain the most prominent notes and these trials are minor differences just to be sure I check all the options.

Also wanted to say Ambre Noir is back in stock (the same formula as before).

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