Lieu de Reves and Sienna Musk Sample Drawing!

The month of February 2009 is the 5th anniversary of the Sonoma Scent Studio website.  I’ve focused on building a fragrance line of woods, florals, incense, musks, and woodsy gourmands.  I still have lots of work to do but have made good progress on the website and packaging over the years.  I greatly appreciate the support the fragrance community gives to small indie brands.  Time goes by so quickly!

To celebrate I wanted to do a drawing on the blog, but I need to put that off for just a bit while I finish Tabac Aurea and a few other necessities.  Instead, I’ll coordinate with a couple other blogs to run a sample drawing or two; that way, they can handle the drawing details and I can still offer some samples for fun to the drawing winners.  One drawing is happening now on the PerfumeShrine blog, so head on over if you’d like to try to win one of five sample sets with the new Lieu de Reves and also Sienna Musk.  You can read a review of Lieu de Reves there too.  Here’s the link to the review and to enter the drawing:

Sample drawing for Lieu de Reves and Sienna Musk

When Tabac Aurea is ready there will be a drawing for that as well, either on my blog or another blog, so stay tuned for that if you’re interested!

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