Label Success

I received the reprinted labels today and they look very good, much better than the first try. I’m quite relieved. It was very nice of them to reprint them quickly and overnight them, impressive CS!

It’s still beautiful here and I enjoyed a little time outside this evening at sunset. A couple days ago I watched a doe and her baby grazing. She must have gotten a foxtail in her nose because she started sneezing and scratching her nose with her hoof, poor thing. Took her about five minutes to get over it, but she did. Every night just before dusk a huge group of wild turkeys marches through, and each morning at dawn they go back the other direction; they’re fun to see.

I tested the latest gardenia mod today and like it best. I have two ideas for small additions I want to try next, just out of curiosity…

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  1. Thanks Amy! I was so impressed with them. They sent a UPS pick-up out to overnight the original labels back to them, redid the job in one day, and ouernighted the replacement ones to me. Amazing!

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