Kittens, horses, and white florals…

My youngest niece just had a birthday party yesterday and she got a new kitten (photo above). They ended up getting two, a brother/sister pair, to keep each other company. Very cute. My older niece competed in her first combined training event last weekend (a horseback riding competition). She did well and her horse did a good job too. I didn’t get to go watch but heard the scoop afterwards.

I made a few adjustments to the gardenia white floral; I increased the tuberose, softened the green and earthy aspects of the gardenia, and added back in a touch of musk. It opens gentler but lasts longer. I also removed one of the greener jasmine components and added a touch of clove. I’m much happier with it now. I’ll try it more and see if it is ready for round two of testing. I also want to do a second scent that will be close to one of the very early gardenia musk versions I did that many testers liked — it was more jasmine-rich, soft but lasting, with less gardenia influence and with a musk base. I need to return to that formula as well.

I put the lotion on the website and will work on putting up the 5 ml sprays over the next few days (it’ll take a couple days to make the code changes).

I may be doing a special batch of original Jour Ensoleille for a couple people; I am making a small bit first to see if the new moss translates into that formula closely enough to the original. The new reformulation has more jasmine and is a bit different — the original was probably more unisex. If you’ve already tried and loved the original and are one of the people who asked me about it when it came down from the site to be reformulated, you can send me an email and I’ll try to make enough to cover more people, but there’s a limit to how much of the original I can make. I’m thinking mainly of getting this batch of the original to some men who prefer it since it’s a bit less floral and therefore feels more unisex.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    Had to comment on how cute the kittens are. We have three ourselves. The lastest version of the Gardenia sounds nice. I’d love to test it. I feel like I’ve been in on that one from the start and I’m thinking the second one you were talking about might be the one I have. Glad things seem to have settled down for you.

    ~ beth~

  2. Hi Beth,

    The kittens are so cute, I couldn’t resist posting a pic. So far it’s working out introducing the new kittens into the home with the dog and two older cats already there. All were rescues. The kittens are sleeping peacefully there, but they race around the house playing when they are awake!

    Yes, the second scent I was referring to would be one along the lines of the one you have. I made bottles of that one for a couple people by request and I think it’d be good for the option with a musk base. I’d like a new name though because it’s really more jasmine musk than gardenia musk (to me anyway). Then the other one has more of a gardenia note and less musk in the base. I’m just sniffing that early one right now, the one you have. When I’m happy with these two I’ll send out a few testers.

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend!

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