Jour Ensoleillé Review, and Update

Thanks so much, mals, for the beautiful review of Jour Ensoleillé on The Muse in Wooden Shoes! You are right that it has some indoles from the jasmine and some barnyard animalic notes from para cresyl phenyl acetate. Many people find it has a pleasant amount of animalics, but it’s not for people who are super sensitive to those notes. I love that people get how it is about those September late afternoons. That is my favorite time of year for that golden afternoon light!

I put up the web page for Forest Walk and am getting closer to the release. I’ll try to put samples up first and will post here when I do.

My brother and his family were out for the weekend and I enjoyed spending some time with them. Was nice to take a little family time.

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  1. I absolutely love Jour Ensoleille’, and I’m ready to order another bottle. After many years of searching, I believe I found my signature scent! I am constantly getting compliments on how good it smells, even after I’m wearing it for many hours. I’m also really excited to try Forest Walk. I’m sure it will be a beautiful fragrance.

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