Jour Ensoleillé Review, and more late summer pictures…

I just learned of a beautiful perfume blog I had not seen before, called La fleur et le parfum. It had a review of Jour Ensoleillé yesterday, but you can also find many other reviews of indie brands. (Edited to add: Some posts are in French but with English translations if you scroll down to the bottom.) I love the video of Roxana. Love the beautiful imagery there too. Thanks, Caroline, for the lovely review!

I’m still working on the new scents in between orders and email tasks. Here are a few pictures I took on Sunday. It was a gorgeous, warm weekend and everything looks magical in the fall afternoon light, including the roses.

And a fall clematis flower on a repeat bloomer:

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  1. I had to dig through the deep recesses of my middle aged brain to try to interpret the French only to realize the English was underneath 🙂 Jour Ensoleille is one of my all time favorites-definitely has a vintage vibe to it and is one of the best orange blossoms out there on the market. Indeed, it lasts forever on my skin! I have said this before but if I were stranded on a deserted island and was only allowed one bottle of perfume I would choose this one. It just makes me feel happy whenever I smell it (sometimes I just sniff the bottle!).

  2. I did the same thing…so glad the English followed. I adore Jour Ensoleille and find it appropriate for any season. I get so many compliments when I wear it, and I always recommend it. I definitely agree with Brie that this would be my choice for a deserted island. My t
    wo sprays last 8-10 hours!!

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