Joining the modern world…

Our rural area does not get high speed internet via DSL or cable — the boundary lines for service stop about 3 miles short of us.   Two satellite companies serve our area, but one is $100/month and the other at $50/month has a huge wait list that I’ve been on for months. 

Another $50/month company just started up and I’m scheduled for installation next Friday!   Whoo-hoo!  Can’t wait.  Hope it works.  My slow dialup can’t access some sites and is extremely slow for many others.  I might be offline for a bit next Friday while we get the kinks out, but I’ll keep  my msn dial-up for backup for a month.

Looking foward to joining the modern internet world!  🙂 

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear that Paula. Some blogs take 3-5 minutes to load, and a few sites time out before I can get them to come in. And uploading to the website would go faster. Wish big sites had text-only options so the big photo files could be skipped by people on dialup.

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