Interview On Sabbath of Senses

The Polish blog Sabbath of Senses has just published an interview with me in part one and part two. The author of the blog kindly provided an English translation too so that my blog readers can also read it. Thank you Klaudia! Wish I could speak/read more languages! I’m always amazed by people who can handle many languages so well. When you can actually think in another language that must be especially satisfying.

After the interview, I realized what I should have said when asked what other work I might have wanted to do if I hadn’t gone into perfumery — garden design! That would have been another dream job, though it wasn’t practical for me for numerous reasons. The interview posts a number of photos from the garden here and also a photo I’ve not posted before that shows the large cabinet in the work room where most of the ingredients are stored.

And here’s a link to a helpful article if you have wondered about the differences between edp, edt, edc, and some of the more obscure terms like espirit de parfum.

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  1. Wonderful interview all around – great questions and very eloquent answers (like your perfumes!).

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