Internet Woes

I spent a frustrating afternoon working with tech support for my high speed internet connection because it went down and they can’t figure out the cause yet. Seems to be ok between my computer and the antenna on my roof but I can’t get out beyond there. This has happened before and they eventually fixed it each time, but it is very frustrating. We don’t have regular DSL or cable service out here in our rural area. Feels like such a waste to have gotten nothing done all afternoon. Maybe they’ll get it fixed tomorrow.

Meantime I’m on dial-up and can’t do as much as usual. Orders are still coming in fine via dial-up and I can print shipping labels but it just takes ten times as long. So, business as usual but more time-consuming. Updating my website is just about impossible on dial-up though.

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  1. i would be climbing the walls.

    i have an antique G3 computer–my computer guy tells me it is over 100 years old in computer years–on DSL that probably runs more slowly than yours on dial-up. i KNOW i couldn’t run a business on what i have. sometimes the best bet is to run to the porch with a book and some iced tea………….

  2. Hi Jo,

    I *have* been climbing the walls since Monday afternoon, lol. But the connection came back just now Wed afternoon and it is not only up but fast. Sure hope this lasts.

    Yes, yesterday eve at dinnertime I went onto the porch and watched the sun go down for a bit and tried to de-stress. Was beautiful here.

    Good luck with your old computer! I had DSL for a year before moving here and had really good luck with it, not a single day down all year. That may be rare, but it spoiled me. An old computer can make things rough though. It is frustrating how quickly computer equipment becomes outdated. My computer is just 1.5 years old so I’m in good shape when my connection is up.

    Thanks for commiserating. Hopefully I can get back to the scents now…

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