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I’m still working to catch up and am making progress. I had to take time out yesterday all morning for an eye exam appointment to get new glasses for working on the computer. I haven’t had glasses for years but they do help eye fatigue so I’ve been meaning to get this done. I made the appointment 3 months ago (long wait) so I didn’t want to reschedule. I’ve always had astigmatism and have been borderline for glasses; these should help for long hours on the computer.

I got my label proof today and they look nice. I think I’ll go ahead with them as is. It will save me lots of time to have these done — can’t wait to get them.

I also can’t wait to start working on the new scents again but they are on hold for now. I’ve been asked if I have a target release date for Gardenia Musk or Reves, but I really don’t; I’ll just work until they are done. I’ll release Gardenia whenever it is finished, even if it is winter, but I don’t know yet when it’ll be done. I really like the floral accord I have but I’m still experimenting with the musk and woods accompanying notes. It may not take very long to finish once I get some more time to work on it.

We’re due for our first rain shower of the season on Friday/Saturday. Can’t believe it’s October!

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