Hot Sunday Eve

It was a hot one today! I’ve been filling more of the new bottles with IP, TA, WW, and RM. I’ll have more news soon, but I need to keep working for now. The web pages need adjustments too, including the opening page.

I’m expecting some ingredient samples this week that will be interesting, both synths and naturals. I’m getting a couple new rose oil samples that sound especially good. Can’t wait to get back to blending.

My parents are cat and dog sitting for my brother’s family and that’s keeping them busy. The dog is pretty easy and they enjoy taking her for walks each day, but the cats are young and run a bit wild around the house. They said one was up on the soffet area way up on the highest top of the kitchen cabinets and then he became scared to come down. He gets into tricky spots all over the house, lol. Curiosity and all that…

Thought I’d post a few photos that my parents took while on some walks in May near here. Our springs are pretty with the hills covered by bright green grass before it dries and turns brown in our rainless summers. Our brown/green grass seasons are just the opposite from some other parts of the country that go brown in winter and green in summer. This first shot shows the lupine growing wild.

This next shot shows yellow widflowers.

The last shot just shows the grass and the oak trees. A pretty spot. 🙂

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  1. Lupines always make me wistful of the first time I ever laid eyes on a full carpet of the flowers growing under some large pine trees in front of the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite in May of 1992. That was the first time I ever camped in Yosemite, courtesy of a college friend who lives in the Bay area. I’d never seen anything so pretty…. sigh!
    We just acquired a new kitten about 4 weeks ago, with the intent on giving our current cat some feline company. His previous “older” companiom died over a year ago, and my mo-in-law comes by all the time remarking how “lonely” he looked. She, once the keeper of dozens of cats. So this little “chutzie,” as my toddler calls her, has been all over poor Socks, testing his patience (and sometimes ours), LoL!

  2. wel–ann:

    congrats on your new baby……and socks will gt used to him after a bit….

    and laurie: i am so jealous of your flowers. ours in texas here are alreadly starting to brown out, just like yours wlll do! but they are so gorgeous while the wildflower season lasts!!!!!!

  3. Hi Ann and Jo,

    Lupine is so pretty. That must have been gorgeous in Yosemite, Ann. I’ve not been there in years but we camped there a lot when I was a kid.

    Jo, those photos are about a month old — our lupine is over now but we still have wild iris. The hills are going brown now though for the summer.

    Good luck with the kitten Ann! My brother’s cat Sammy is something else, lol.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      Glad you enjoyed those, thanks! I always like seeing photos of where fellow scent lovers live so thought I’d share. All that green is soothing to the eyes. 🙂

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