Hot summer days

It was 108 F again here today; it’s been a really hot summer, but I do better than many people in the heat.  I’m a cold wimp though, so that makes California a good spot for me.

The grasses in the garden border now have golden plumes that glow when backlit, and I love seeing them in the late afternoon light.   Whenever I can I take a few minutes at lunch and dinner to go out on the porch and peek at the garden while sniffing the latest tester scent out in the fresh air, or as fresh as it is when over 100 degrees, lol.

I think I have an interesting variation on Reves and will need to run it by a few testers because it’s unusual.  I’m trying some new things on Gardenia.  I’m enjoying sending out the boxes for the edp.  It feels good to give the bottles a send-off in custom boxes, and they make the outgoing packages feel more finished to me.

Hope you’re having fun watching the Olympics!  I’ve been trying to catch a bit in the evening as I work on orders; the athletes are always so amazing. 

Many people like to listen to music as they blend, but I focus best when it’s quiet.  If I’m really working intensely on sniffing and blending, I do it without any other distractions.  Limiting input to the other senses helps me focus on smell.  Not as much fun, but it’s more effective for me and speeds up the decision process for what tweaks to try next.

Back to some sniffing and tweaking…

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  1. Just to add on the topic of Summer fragrances. I think that the perfumes of Sattelite are amont the most amazing to wear during summer try the Fig one or the one entitled Ipanema

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  2. Hi Cillian,

    Looks like you’re starting a new blog — good luck with that! I’ve not tried the two scents you mention so I can’t comment on those, but I agree with your suggestion of Luckyscent as a great shopping resource for fragrance lovers!

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