Holiday inventory update

I just sold out of the shea cream today because of higher than expected demand (I’ve been getting quite a few orders for 4-10 jars at a time). I can’t get more shea from my supplier until early Jan so I’ll be out of stock on the cream until then. If there is enough interest I could continue doing the shea cream for a few more months after the new year.

I do have more of the new Body Silk lotion in stock; it’s just the shea cream that is out because it is an old favorite at holiday time and people love to use it as gifts. I’ll do better next year at predicting demand — I apologize for falling short on it this year. Early in 2010 I plan to have some new scents for the body lotion, and I wiil give details later. I don’t expect to run short on anything else before Christmas. I ordered more purse sprays because I’m low, but those should arrive today.

I may not have time for a few more days for blending, but I’ll do my best to keep making progress on ET and AN.

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  1. Wow… So glad I got mine in time! That’s always great news when you can post a ‘sold out’ sign. I would definite want to order a pot before the end of spring.
    Also about hot chocolates, my husband bought some Godiva hot cocoa mix for me last year and it was fantastic. Not sure they have a dark variety but you can check. Have you also seen the William Sonoma one? Haven’t tried it but it was good.
    I don’t have any ideas for the chocolates themselves as I don’t eat them often – though I also prefer the darker varieties. And… I like See’s as well!

  2. Hi Ann,

    Yes, I was glad we got your gift shea order done too. Other people had that idea as well!

    I saw an ad in my inbox for the William Sonoma hot chocolate and that’s what made me think of the idea. People raved about it in testimonials. I was tempted to get some for her but I’ve not tried it. I’ll check on the Godiva too, thanks. I was also wondering about Green & Black’s organic hot chocolate and Lindt’s hot chocolate flakes in the dark version.

    I’m so behind on Christmas this year — I don’t have any gifts for family yet.

    thanks! 🙂

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