Holiday Gift Certificates

I’ve had some inquires about gift certificates so thought I’d post a little update about them. You can purchase two kinds of gift certificates from Sonoma Scent Studio. These GC options are available all year, but the winter holidays are the times when I get most requests for them.

One kind can be purchased online through the shopping cart either with PayPal or with a credit card; you can specify any dollar amount and choose to print the GC on your printer and mail it to your recipient or choose to have it automatically emailed to your recipient. This type of GC is through PayPal and the recipient needs to have a PayPal account to redeem it.

The other type of GC is one that I can set up for you through my shopping cart; I can give you a code that your recipient can use anytime in 2009 for either $35 or $50 (enough to cover any half oz or one oz bottle, respectively) and the recipient does not need to have a Paypal account to redeem the GC, nor do you need Paypal to purchase the GC. I can either email the code number to you or I can print a little GC card with the code number on it to send to you or to your giftee. If you purchase a few samples to go with your GC, I’ll hang them on some sample cards with scent descriptions so the carded samples and GC together make a nice-looking gift. To purchase this type of GC, just send me an email and I’ll send you an invoice. I can send your GC plus any desired samples to you or directly to your recipient with a gift message.

Hope that helps answer questions about GC’s! I don’t have any codes set up right now other than gift card codes (that’s another frequently asked question).

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  1. I am intrigued…I have been conjuring layerings in order to come up with a woody violet that contains an element of smoke…please do keep readers posted on the evolution of these two new violets.

  2. Hi ScentScelf! Will do. The first one is basically like Wood Violet without the plum. It’s still woodsy with a touch of green but is less sweet without the plum; I think it might be nice for guys and also for women who want a drier non-plum wood violet. I sent a tester to a couple people and will see what they think. You can send me an email to the if you’re interested in testing it too. Not sure if you’re looking for something with a strong smoke note (this isn’t strongly smoky, though it may come across to some as a little smoky from the woods and vetiver, and it’d be easy to enhance that aspect further). The second scent is more woods, less green, less violet and is strong on cedar in the drydown.

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