Holiday Drawing!

I’d like to do a drawing to celebrate the holidays. First prize will be a 17 ml bottle of your choice, and second prize will be a boxed set of 5 mini spray samples of your choice. Just leave a comment to enter. Maybe tell us one of your favorite holiday traditions, or tell us if you’ve put up a tree yet, or whether you’ve finished your shopping yet. I’ll leave it open until Monday. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Oh I just started to get into the mood I am so very late this year. I just added the elf on the shelf to the mix so I am super hopeful that he helps the kiddos stay on the straight and narrow:) I am not ready for this holiday as yet. But I am getting there one snowflake card and christmas candle at a a time:)
    Thanks for your super generous drawing and for thinking of all of your fans during your busiest time:)

  2. shopping… oy vey…. still have to do everything. excited about this draw… seems like i’m the first? that’s a first!

    thanks for your generosity.

  3. We are all ready for Christmas! Tree is up, presents wrapped and under the tree.

    Looking forward to Christmas eve. The family come over and after opening presents we have tamales and a Mexican feast.


  4. How lovely of you, Laurie!
    My tree is up, presents have been purchased. I am ready!! I can’t believe it’s only 12 days away! Twelve drummers drumming…

  5. Laurie, what a generous drawing!

    My husband and I alternate between spending the holiday with his family (on the central coast of California) or in town with my parents.

    Christmas eve is an informal dinner, usually something like lasagna, home made of course. Me and my mother make a batch or two of decorated shortbread cookies and one of us makes the pies.

    I hope you have a good holiday season. The nights have been chilly but we’ve had lots of sunshine here.

  6. My favorite holiday tradition? Sleeping in! For three weeks straight!

    I’m a professor, so winter break means that I don’t have to get up early and teach. During break, I do my research and writing on my own night-owl schedule.

    I know that probably sounds like an odd holiday tradition, but it’s my favorite one. We don’t put up a tree, or shop for gifts or anything.

  7. Nice drawing, Laurie! I’m not much of a holiday person, but I do have a tree up. I like to play Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack endlessly, much to the chagrin of my husband. And of course, cookie baking is imperative! This year, however, we’ll be spending Christmas in Miami, which will be a first for us.

  8. Definitely have the tree up. My tradition is the german tradition of the Adventskranz, Since i am German, i grew up with this, the Adventskranz is a beautiful table centerpiece that holds 4 candles…..every sunday for three sundays before christmas you start lighting a candle. First sunday 1, second sunday 2 , third sunday 3 and the on Christmas you light all 4. There is also a little rhyme that children recite in german of course.

    Advent Advent ein Lichtlein brennt,
    erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier
    dann steht das Christkind vor der Tuer.

  9. my kids came over and put up a tree and decorations for me…..i have been sick with some crap for over two months and just didn’t have the energy to do it, so they took care of it!!

    superb kids!!!!!!

  10. The family is gathering in Portland, OR for Christmas this year. So no tree here, which is ok. I love the tree when it’s up, but when it comes time to take it down…

    My annual open house on New Year’s Day every year has become the holiday focus for me. Nice end of the holidays, low pressure, and relaxed. Usually, I even have time to talk to people.:^) I order a fabulous smoked turkey from Texas and do the rest of the cooking myself. Great way to stay in touch with friends who I don’t manage to see as much as I’d like during the year.

    Thanks so much for the holiday drawing!

    1. I like New Year’s gatherings too — it’s always so relaxed after the holiday rush is over and there are lots of hopeful feelings for the new year. Hope you enjoy both gatherings, here and in OR!

  11. Well the tree is up at least, but the shopping is far from done. I am hoping to make a dent in that this weekend. But hey, it still beats shopping on the 24th! 🙂

    Happy Holidays!


  12. You are such a generous person.

    I was raised by my Italian grandparents. For us Christmas Eve was fast, feast, fast and then church. A friend asked me to do an Italian Christmas Eve dinner known as the ‘feast of fishes’. Christmas Eve was a fast day for Catholics. I agreed. The number of dishes can range anywhere from 3 to 7 to 12. Each number has a meaning. We always had three. I’m going to try to recreate two from memory and skip the third–pasta with tuna sauce. The canned tuna and tomato sauce left a very bad taste in my mind. I hope I can do my grandmother proud.

  13. Done most of my shopping, still have to write my cards, the decs go up this coming weekend – and starting to get a bit excited!
    Thanks for the draw and hope your yule is everything you want it to be.
    Maggie x

  14. No xmas tree this year but we have our Parol (Christmas Star) up for all to see which is a dazzling display of colors and lights. It’s Filipino xmas tradition to put up a Parol in front of the house, it represents the Star of Bethlehem.

  15. We finally got in the holiday spirit this year–picked up a little 3′ live tree (potted) and put it up on our breakfast table with a tree skirt, LED lights, and ornaments! Haven’t done that since we first got the dogs 😉 Oh, and I scented a bunch of silk petals with my sample of Winter Woods and tossed them in among my clothes (shirts, socks, etc.) and oh! I smell like the Holidays!

    1. Dogs and cats can be tough on the tree — my brother’s family has 5 cats and one of them likes to literally climb the Christmas tree. Yours should be safe on the table! 🙂

  16. It’s not the holidays until I display some of my mother’s Christmas decorations. Most see dated decor, I see wonderful memories. Merry Christmas to my mom and to you all.

  17. Thank you for this Christmas give-away! 🙂
    The tree is not yet up, the tradition here is to put it up on Christmas Eve.
    I’ll be a bit materialistic and say that my favourite tradition are the gifts under the Christmas tree – I love both giving them and getting some. 🙂

  18. What a lovely idea! I do like a Holiday Draw 🙂

    My Christmas tradition is to do with the Christmas dinner. We always have hors d’ouvres (or as Dad used to call them, horses doovrys), a tradition my late father started.
    And I always make the egg ones, to his ‘recipe’. They are halved eggs filled with egg mayonnaise, topped with olives or anchovies. It’s the only time of year we have them, and everyone loves them. So they mean Christmas to me.

  19. My tree is so late in getting up this year…my husband is working weekends and 14hour days and has no time and I don’t want to put it up alone! Maybe this Sunday he can find some time!
    I love your scents and would love a bottle of something. Please put me in your drawing.
    Thank you

  20. I did not think we would have a tree this year, but we got the chance to have a real one! So I am grateful for that. Christmas shopping is about 90% completed. Wrapping will soon commence. I’m doing pretty good for being sick for half of the month so far! Thanks so much for the generous holiday draw.

  21. Baking! I can’t do it this year due to hand surgery, but I love to cook for friends and family any time of year. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  22. I’m loving reading these posts:) In our family Christmas was about food and family. I have 7 siblings and with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and our family, the table would have to have 4 extra pieces added and stretched from the dining room to the living room. There was also the kids table for us little ones since we wouldn’t fit at the big table. Good times and really makes me miss my Grandma even more.

  23. I know it’s holiday time when I make struffoli with my husband. (It’s a two person job!) For those who may not be familiar with them, struffoli (pronounced “STROO-fo-lee” are an Italian Christmas treat and a long-standing tradition in my family. Little balls of dough flavored with a hint of vanilla and lemon are deep fried, then gently stirred into heated honey. Finally, you pile them into a deep dish or platter and cover them with multicolored sprinkles. Delizioso! Thank you for the generous drawing and Season’s Greetings to all.

  24. Our tree is up and the house is decorated, but still so much to do! Cookies are next on the list. I am having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit because it is yet to get really cold here. Usually at this time of year the temperature is in the 20-30’s and we have had snow. The temperature is in the 50’s and it won’t quite raining! Always hoping for a white Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  25. My team at work has an annual holiday lunch and gift exchange game that has become a tradition. Yesterday we had our celelbration and it seems the most popular gifts were adult beverages. Funniest tradition of all is that once the game is over, all the dealing and trading that goes on. It’s a way for us as a team to kick back and laugh with each other. For me, since I have family far away, its what really gets me in the spirit of Christmas. Thanks for the draw!

    1. That’s nice to share with friends and co-workers when family isn’t near. And these days with all of our high tech gadgets, family can feel closer even when they are distant, so that helps too. Thanks for joining the draw!

  26. Most of the traditions of my childhood just don’t work for us now, except one. I still love to pick an evening to ride around looking at lights. Very low-key. We don’t have kids, but when there have been young ones we could share this with, we have, & all had a good time. There’s a book called “Christmas Lights” by Ann Fearrington that I like to share in my storytimes this time of year that is all about this. Hopefully some families will keep doing it.
    Thanks for the draw & hope your holidays are lovely.

    1. We used to do that when I was young! There were a couple houses within easy driving distance that were famous for doing big holiday light displays. And one whole street in a nearby town was dubbed “Christmas Tree Lane” because all the neighbors on the street decorated together each year. Happy holidays to you too, Julie!

  27. As every year, Christmas seems so far away until I realize it just around the corner.
    Here in Austria it is traditional to decorate the tree only on the 24th, probably so the stress is tripled. 😉
    Great giveaway, Laurie! Thank you!

  28. Thanks so much for a generous draw, Laurie! My shopping is mostly done but I still have a few small things to pick up. I can’t believe it’s almost here!

    Happy holidays to all.

  29. Thank you for the very generous giveaway! You remind me of the true spirit of the holidays…not rampant consumerism, which I find it too easy to get wrapped up in (and then become overwhelmed by, and give up).

    I still have tons of shopping to do (sigh). As for decorating, we don’t put up a tree anymore: we adopted two rather wild kitties a few years ago and after the first xmas with them–when the tree got climbed (and therefore knocked over), oh, 20 billion times, and almost all the ornaments were broken–we’ve resorted to simply hanging decorations high high up, like from the curtain rods and ceiling beams. It’s pretty odd looking. We’re looking forward to the day when the kitties are old and arthritic and we can have a tree again. 😉

    Happy holidays to you!

  30. We just got our tree, will trim this weekend. I feel so late after reading some of the other posts of trees all decked out with presents already!
    Normally we visit family for Christmas, long flight, but this year we’re staying put. Christmas in NY is a rare gem for us, even though I always miss being with my family.
    Thank you for the draw!

    1. We’ll be putting up a tree this weekend too, at my parents’ house. Hope you enjoy Christmas at home with no flights this year! Thanks for joining in the draw!

  31. I put electric candles in my windows every year. The light is gorgeous from the street but also gives the interior a warm inviting glow. I always hate putting them away!
    Merry Christmas, Laurie, and thanks for the draw.

  32. I like to give “Reindeer Gifts” to my entire family. These are little stocking stuffer types of presents from each of the Reindeer. When my nephew & neices were little, they were always delighed with toys from Blitzen or Rudolph. Vixen and Cupid are particularly fond of giving lip gloss and perfume and nail polish to the ladies, while Blitzen and Donner like to give gadgets 🙂 I phan to continue the tradition as long as possible!

  33. I find myself feeling very nostalgic for my childhood Christmas traditions this year. Christmas Eve was always my favorite – My grandmother would prepare a Swedish feast and it was always such a special, cozy, peaceful, delicious evening. The calm before the Santa storm the next day, so to speak!

    Thank you for entering me in the drawing. Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season!

  34. Ooh, holiday traditions! The only one I can think of is when our kids were little we’d cut our own tree at the tree farm, but prior to sawing into the trunk, we’d make the kids do a sacrificial tree dance around the tree to thank it for giving its life up for us ~ imagine five little kids ranging in ages from 2 to 13 hopping and skipping and chanting around a tree in a busy tree farm! Yeah, the humiliation. Those were the days. Now the tables are turned and they do everything in their power to embarrass us! Gotta love ’em.

    1. Lol, thanks so much for the smile. Our family would cut down a tree too when my brother and I were young. We had to have one family member stand guard at each good tree in succession until we found one that surpassed it. No tree dances though. I’m surprised my Mom didn’t think of that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays!

  35. I only have a few decorations up although I did manage to get the lights up outside. I should be in the spirit by the end of this weekend. We’ll get our tree Saturday and Sunday we’ll attend a “Lessons and Carols” service at Trinity Church in Boston with my parent, siblings, and their spouses and enjoy a celebratory dinner after.

    Thank you, Laurie, for the generous drawing.

  36. Shopping is 99% complete but wrapping is way behind. One of my favorite traditions is cookie baking with a few friends. We bake all day long and now that I have a double oven, it’s even more enjoyable. We finish in no time which allows more time to have a cup of tea and sample our handiwork before everyone leaves to go home. Happy Holidays!

  37. I’ve had my Christmas shopping done for a while, but that’s because I need December free for music – I’m a choir director and accompanist and this is a busy, lovely, musical time of year.

    My favorite Christmas tradition is simply watching the excitement of my children. There’s nothing quite like watching a 4yo get up on Christmas morning. Second favorite tradition would be our Christmas Eve fondue. My parents started doing it with us as children back in the 70s when it first became popular, and the tradition has never stopped. A fondue is a perfect evening for relaxing and eating in an unhurried way.

    Thanks so much for the draw! (I’m actually more excited about the 2nd prize – I haven’t had a chance to try some of your new fragrances, but they’re right at the top of my TBS list ie. “to-be-sniffed”)

  38. I’m all done holiday shopping, but still need to pack and ship presents! That has become a much bigger ordeal than I anticipated…

    There’s no tree for us in our little apartment (though a small potted evergreen would be really nice), but I’ve got Fir absolute, which perfectly captures the spirit of the forest!

    My favorite holiday tradition is eating all the pie I want, guilt free. 😉

  39. One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending holiday cards, unfortunately I’m ridiculously behind this year and haven’t started yet!! It’s my goal to get all the international ones out by the end of the week though! Also just received my first card of this year yesterday 🙂

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway 🙂

  40. We’re a pretty non-secular family, and last night decided we didn’t need to put up all the lights this year and would spend time playing games instead! Also, a lot of our gifts are to charities. We’re by no means rich, but we’re comfortable, and so much better off than most people on this earth.

    That being said, Tabac Aurea is on my wish list for this year!

    Thanks for the draw, and all the art you create.

  41. Oh, I am afraid the answers aren’t looking good, but it is the truth I will tell. We are starting to get ready for Christmas now. Last weekend we put the lights on the house, this weekend we’ll get a tree. We always buy a real tree — it’s a tradition and supporting Oregon’s economy 😉

    The presents are bought for the family, but we have not packed and mailed them yet (sheeesh!). Me and my husband are busy shopping for each other right now.

    Every year it is like this because I deal with classes and finals until the Dec 10 or so. This year it was Monday 12th. Then the craziness stops and I am more free to do things. I am looking forward to another holiday tradition — a party with our friends when we play a game of getting and stealing the gifts.

    I am equally excited about the first and second prize alike: I know some scents I like but I know a lot of the ones I want to try. Thank you for a wonderful draw!

    1. Isn’t it nuts how close to Christmas classes go? Some schools nearby have finals right up until the 22. Good luck! Have fun w/ friends and family! Glad you joined in. 🙂

      1. Luckily, we never get to after the 20th of December. Usually, on the 20th I am ready with all prep for the next quarter and take OFF!

        How could I NOT join in at such a chance???? 🙂

  42. I am feeling quite Christmassy – only one problem,we haven’t actually started our preparations yet.! It will all happen this coming weekend – a real tree, holly and ivy and other evergreens and the old family decorations (not to forget Christmas shopping at some point.

    Thank you so much for the draw.

  43. Laurie, what a great idea for discussion and giveaway – I should be doing more of those on SmellyBlog!

    I’m not even remotely ready for anything, and in some sense I’m thrilled that I don’t celebrate Christmas – just Chanuka this year for us… Yay! It’s much more relaxed and kick-back…
    I haven’t even had a chance to get any shopping done – I even have gift certificates waiting for me in some of my favourite places but with no time to redeem them. It’s been filled with markets and hosting events & workshops every weekend for 4 weeks in a row; plus some more business-related functions thrown in the middle of the week for an extra measure 😉 And this year I was trying to take it easy LOL!

    My daughter has already gotten all her greeting cards ready though! So glad I got her started on them in October 😉 and today and tomorrow we’ll be doing all the baking (we’re giving away homemade cookies this year).

    1. I don’t know how you do it all, Ayala. You amaze me! I am always scrambling myself, but I don’t have a child to care for too as you do. Hope you two have a wonderful Chanuka! We bake cookies for friends too, and for my sweet mailman who handles so many packages for me each year. Thanks for stopping in, and happy holidays to you two!

  44. Geartings Laurie,thank you for the draw the prize is a perfect christams gift in advance and for my birthday yesterday 🙂
    I still havent tryed the two new scents but I will do it soon.Yesterday I was wearing Fireside intense.I can still say it’s one of my favourite scents,especialy for the cold days.
    I would like to wish to everyone very beautiful holidays and a lot of great moments.

  45. OH MY! We haven’t done any holiday decorating in our apartment, though I had a mind to either get a tiny tree or put up some Christmas lights. Oh well, maybe next year. I’ll get my fill of Xmas decorations when I go down to my parents’ house next week. I’m looking forward to lazing about and watching some Christmas movies. And eating plenty of Mexican food (I’m from El Paso TX). Happy Holidays to you Laurie!

  46. Happy holidays Laurie! We are going to Hawaii for the holidays, looking forward to that! For nwo I am enjoying Incense Pure and Tabac Aurea in the cool rainy San Diego weather, in Hawaii I will probably bring Kai and Coquette Tropique which are my usual Hawaiian favorites. 🙂 Thanks for offering a drawing!

  47. I have almost all the shopping done, just a few more perfumed gifts to buy! I have a large family and I want everybody to get something nice (and good smelling). Thanks for the draw and happy holidays!

  48. Happy Holidays! I haven’t finished holiday shopping and we’ve bought a tree but haven’t decorated it yet! I feel really behind this year – but I did put one of your scents on my holiday wishlist : ).

  49. Our new holiday tradition is attending Kung Pao Kosher Comedy night in San Francisco on Dec. 24.

    Perfect weather here for Winter Woods!

  50. I’m so glad to see the response! Fun to read what everyone is up to for the holidays. I have to run out to Best Buy to deal with an internet mifi device issue and will get back to the blog when I return this afternoon…

  51. My holiday tradition is to tell people in my life how much I appreciate them. Gifts don’t matter, it’s more important to know that you actually matter to someone.

  52. What a nice holiday treat!

    My tree is up, but I haven’t even started shopping yet. I’m so intimidated by how much I have to do, I don’t know how to get started!

    Happy holidays to you! Keep on making beautiful scents.

  53. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve. Our family goes to our church which is built in the Old English style. It is decorated with a sea of red poinsettias and a Christmas tree. There is a simple service, which culminates with singing “Silent Night” to candlelight. Then we return home to a meal in front of the fire of cheese fondue, sausages and mulled wine.

  54. I’m doing holiday tradition!

    Our tradition started years and years ago when my older brother gave my little sister a Kiss album for Christmas – it was a joke about her taste in music (an aside for younger readers: Kiss was a terrible rock group from the 70s best known for their makeup, and an album is what we used to put on the old Victrola to produce music to dance to). Ever since, the Kiss album has made a reappearance each Christmas as a gift to someone in the family. By the time Christmas rolls around each year, we all have forgotten who got it last year, and it’s always cleverly wrapped, so it’s always a surprise to the giftee. Fun!

  55. My favorite holiday tradition is Solstice fire and circle where you hold hands with loved ones and give thanks for the last year and call forth what you want to bring in to the next year.

  56. The tree goes up the week before Christmas; it comes down by the 27th or 28th. Each person may open one gift on Christmas Eve (always new pajamas). We’re up early on Christmas morning, which MUST BE spent at home. Make coffee, exchange gifts, and relax.

    Wishing everyone calm and clarity during this stressful season.

  57. I got the tree up a week ago, but only got the ornaments on it Sunday. I don’t go for “themed” trees; the ornaments have been collected over the years, through three generations, and I always buy at least one special ornament each year, to commemorate the years my husband and I have been married (21 years so far). There are a couple of ornaments my grandmother made for me years ago, and even one–a blown glass ornament of a house–that dates back to my grandparents first Christmas together in 1929.

    I got my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving this year, and everything is wrapped and ready to give. I enjoy December much more–listening to Christmas music, looking at the lights and decorations, and anticipating watching my nieces and nephews open their gifts–when I am not stressing out over finding gifts. The only thing I have left to do is my baking, which is done the last few days before the 25th.

    1. I love trees with ornaments collected over the years too — your collection sounds wonderful. Congrats on 21 years! Hope you have a great holiday celebration with your family!

  58. Thank you for the give away!

    We did out our tree up, but it lasted all of five minutes before our naughty 16 week old kitten, Paddington, tore it down. We have decided to go with no tree this year and stick with lights that cannot be destroyed by hyperactive kittens 😀

  59. My goodness,Laurie, such a generous draw! Winter Solstice is one of my favorite days of the year so my tradition is to get up real early on the first day of winter and admire the stars from my deck. We will be putting up the tree on Christmas Eve and celebrating in our usual small family quiet sort of way!
    Thanks again for this fantastic draw!

  60. I forgot to add that I DO have my own family tradition. Every year the kids and I make ornaments with their pictures on or in it. By the time they are adults my children should have enough picture ornaments to decorate their own trees. It is also a nice way to see how they have grown up over the years 🙂

  61. What a lovely giveaway and so timely, I actually just wrote a whole post about the ritual of putting up the Christmas tree! It’s a BIG DEAL in our family and my Dad has instilled in me such pride in our tree than even when I moved out, I would decorate my own tree whilst asking myself ‘would Dad approve?’

    I get so excited putting up the tree each year; carefully selecting the placement for each ornament, listening to my favourite christmas music (usually Bing Crosby) and experiencing the little flutter as I flick the lights on for the first time. There’s something about it which just takes me back to my childhood.

  62. Thank you for such a generous giveaway! Our tree has been up and the house is decorated, but I still have some shopping to do. One of our favorite traditions is getting together with all the neighbors to light paper bag luminarias all along our street for a quarter mile and then go caroling.

  63. The tree has been up for two weeks, although our dog and two cats are putting it to the test. Last year, I started a tradition of putting my parent’s train around the tree…I just love to watch trains!! I also have a ceramic nativity that my Mom bought for me when I was quite young. A lady made the large ceramic figures and they are painted in very soft colors. I know my Mom was very proud to give it to me, and it holds a very special place in my heart.

    Thanks for your generous drawing. I’m sure we are all excited about this!

    1. Enjoy the special nativity from your Mom! I wonder what your dogs and cats think of the train, lol. Some of these spunky cats we’re hearing about from people would be pouncing! 🙂 Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  64. We just got our tree on Monday. It is standing naked in the corner. I feel bad for it. Hopefully we’ll make time to trim it this weekend. I feel very behind!
    Thank you for the draw!

  65. Well I have our tree up and most of the decorating, but I’m just not feeling it yet. I hope that the spirit will kick in this afternoon when my children are finally out of school for Christmas break. I definitely have shopping to do! Ugh

    Thanks so much for the drawing!

  66. Hello Laurie and everyone!

    Enjoyed reading all your posts this evening. All sound interesting…I’m trying to finish a quilt for my Sister…so I’m very behind on everything – my 5′ and 3′ trees are out, but just decorated with lights…still pretty in the dark of the evening.

    Favorite Christmas traditions – going to the Christmas Eve service and then driving around to look at all the lights. (BTW, I took the “long way home” from the grocery store a couple of nights just so I could see the decorations.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Bet your sister will love the quilt! That’s impressive — it takes a lot of talent and patience to make one. Hope your Christmas eve and Christmas day are wonderful, Sheryl!

  67. Just graduated about a week ago, so I put up some basic decorations and then started visiting family. Looking forward to being back home so the hubs and I can enjoy a little holiday cheer together!

  68. My favorite tradition has to be putting up the Christmas tree! I love rediscovering all the ornaments and the way the tree fills the house with its great smell. I hope you have a merry Christmas.

  69. Holiday cheer has started on a somber note – a car accident. Shopping will have to wait til after St. Nick’s rounds, but at least I’ll snag some steals n’ deals. All I want for Christmas is more peace & goodwill from the crazies on the 405 freeway.

    Merry to you & your readers…grateful for so, so much beyond this.

  70. This year I might not even go home.. there is some project that I need to do and traveling home will make it worse… but than again – I might go crazy and just pack my bags and leave. 🙂
    Nothing traditional in my case. 🙂
    While I was writing you this comment, I’ve looked outside and I see first snow this year…
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

  71. I live in Poland where Christmas tradition is very rich, I’m not even going to list all the Holiday customs, it’s too much for a short note. The most important feast is the evening of December 24, when Santa comes to us (in some regions they say it’s rather an Angel or a Star) after a ceremonious Supper that consists of 12 traditional dishes (we eat no meat that evening, only fish, vegetables, cakes). It’s not until that day that we put up the Christmas Tree, but some families do it earlier. There are hundreds of beautiful carols and Christmas songs that we sing on the following days… And we usually have a lot of snow, but not this year! Merry Christmas to you, Laurie, and all the SSS blog’s Readers!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Aleksandra! Those sound like wonderful Christmas traditions — thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family have a great time together!

  72. Laurie,
    My earliest memories of Christmas in our large not affluent family (I’m the oldest daughter of 9 kids) was that of playing Santa the night before, pinning 9 big socks to the sofa back, then filling each with an orange, dragging that toe practically to the floor, then adding small treats like silly putty, crayons, malted milk balls, etc. Times were so lean, and we often did not get what we asked for. Just 1 small item if it was a good yesr. But I have never once doubted my parents love. Now, today, I have kids of my own, and I’m always reminded that the most important things we give are the intangibles… Things that can’t be found in a stocking, but are always felt with the heart;))

    1. That is so very true, Janet. In a family with nine kids I’m sure your parents had to really budget, but making all of you feel loved and finding time for all of you was the most important gift. Your kids will appreciate you just as much. Thanks for the post!

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