Heads up on Fig Tree

As I mentioned when I released Fig Tree in the fall, I started it in the Exclusives group but planned to move it to the Boutique Group by spring so that I could wholesale it. I thought that plan would give people quite a few months to buy it at a lower price. This post is a heads up that Fig Tree will move to the Boutique Group on March 1st (in two weeks), so you might want to pick up a bottle in the next few weeks if it is on your wish list and you want the Exclusives pricing.

Champagne de Bois will probably not be back before March 1st, but I do have a couple ounces left and can send samples or purse sprays with orders by request, if you want to add a small bit of CdB to a Fig order.

There was a great post on The Non-Blonde today about things learned over the years in perfume blogging. You’ll probably smile in recognition and be able to relate to most or all of the things on the list.

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  1. Laurie- I was going to get some of your velvet rose shea cream and was wondering if you still had some CdB left (enough for a purse spray) that i could add to my order? If not- that’s fine- just thought I’d ask..:)

    1. Hi Lavanya,
      Yes, I do! I saved about 2 ounces so I could make you a 5 ml or a 17 ml. You could put another scent of equal value in the cart, like Sienna Musk, and let me know in the comments that you’d like CdB instead. I have more color choice options now for the 5 ml sprays too (gold, silver, or a silvery pink).

      1. Thanks Laurie- just placed an order for a purse spray (in pink- so pretty!!) and sample of fig tree cream- I read some fabulous reviews of the fig tree shea cream and wanted to try it first so I can decide between the velvet rose and the fig tree creams..:)

      2. Got your order, thanks! I’ll send a sample of Velvet Rose shea too so you can compare to the fig.

        I love those pink sprays too! I’m happy that a lot of people have been choosing them, so I think I’ll be able to keep them as an option long-term.

  2. Thanks Laurie- that is very sweet of you. I do have a sample of the velvet rose edp so I thought I’d compare with that- but the cream will be very helpful! You did get my comment to substitute the sienna musk with CdB correct? thanks much!!

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