Happy Valentine’s Day, and cart is up

Happy Valentine’s Day! The shopping cart went back up early this morning. I’m testing the two final variations on ET to decide between them (just a very subtle difference). I may send these to a couple testers to help me decide, but I’ll wear them the next few days first because I usually develop a preference after several days of wear. Monday is a mail holiday so orders won’t start to ship until Tuesday. I’ll have an assistant coming part-time this week to help put orders together and that will be wonderful.

We are socked in with fog this morning but it should be nice later today. We’re getting a few days of sunshine after a lot of rain, and it’s great to see the blue sky. The first daffodils are blooming and look very cheerful.

Sending best wishes for a great holiday weekend and a happy Valentine’s day!

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  1. I love seeing that picture on a day when they’re forecasting another six inches of snow! Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers, Donna

  2. Hi Donna! Wow, more snow for you? We’re having a nice break from rain for a few days, just enough to coax the first bulbs into bloom. Daffodils are the earliest signs of spring here, before the trees blossom. Hang in there with all the snow!

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