Happy Valentine’s Day!

My plum tree is blooming after the beautiful spring-like weather we’ve had the last few weeks. Rain is due most of this week but we’ve had a wonderful taste of spring. The daffodils are out too.

I wanted to say happy Valentine’s Day and briefly check in. I’m making some adjustments to the three new scent formulas and will be sending out more testers. Things are going well for the new scents. The amber is brand new and so far initial feedback looks very positive. It has amber, incense, and woods but has more emphasis on the amber and may therefore seem cozier than Incense Pure, though I wouldn’t call it sweet as amber goes. I need to finish these three new formulas and switch to the white floral soon to be ready for spring. The new scent that is a take-off on Lieu de Reves will be nice for spring though. My schedule is rough until mid-March and I’m looking forward to getting past that point. I’ll put Voile de Violette up in time for spring.

Also wanted to say thanks to NST for including Fireside Intense in their list of top 10 scents for winter 2011. We still do have a while before we get to spring, even though the plum tree thinks otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. YaY! I can’t wait for the take-off of LdR!
    I will get a FB of it for sure!
    And I worship amber fragrances so I hope this one works for me.
    And one more Yay! for VdV! One of my favorites for spring,running in the forest wearing that scent gives me pure joy!


    1. Thanks Tamara! I’d like to send you a tester or two of the Reves take-off this week. It’d help me to know which you like best between these and the earlier one. I can send an amber tester too. Should have them made by Wed.

      1. Really Laurie? Thanks so much!
        I admit that I’m thrilled when you write “made by Wed.”
        Do you realize how completely amazing that sounds?
        You make perfume people LOVE.
        Were all waiting on pins and needles for these….no joke! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I look forward to smelling both of them. ๐Ÿ˜€

        P.S. How’s the old-school chypre coming along?


      2. The classic inspired scent is coming along too. I’m trying a couple little variations. It’s always amazing how much difference it makes just to adjust a few ingredients in a long formula.

  2. A huge Happy Valentine to you too, Laurie! I hope you have a “sweet” day.
    Hmm… I was happy that we got above freezing today, and you’ve got blooms already! I’m jealous!

  3. Ah, my dear – so jealous of your northern California climate! We are finally getting a bit of break from the extreme freezing temperatures out here in NJ. Your plum tree looks awfully happy.

    Happy Valentines Day to you, too!


  4. Beautiful picture of your plum tree (this is me trying to be gracious instead of covetous :).

    My ears definitely perked up at your description of the new amber. A warmer version of Incense Pure? Ooooooh, color me intrigued!

    Happy Valentines Day, Laurie! (Or as my 17yo grumbled jokingly this summer, “Yay! It’s Single Awareness Day!”)

    1. Thanks Dionne! Lol at your 17 yo’s comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Not so much frankincense in the amber as in IP, and the amber has an EO with a softer effect than the CO2. It also has a new resinous but slightly boozy vanillic benzoin that I really like in it.

  5. Your plum tree is gorgeous! Is it an ornamental or does it bear fruit? Here on the Gulf Coast, the birds have become very active lately; I am not sure if there really are more of them around, but I am hearing a lot more of them, and I am taking this as a sign that spring is really on the way. The hyacinths are coming up too, about 2 weeks later than usual.

    With the new amber, will you still offer Ambre Noir? My favorites of your line so far are Champagne de Bois, Ambre Noir, and Wood Violet. I am patiently awaiting the opportunity to get a FB of CdB, and possibly AN, as soon as they are available. I am also looking forward to sampling your new scents, as they sound very interesting. Your perfumes are so well-crafted and high quality and have good lasting power even on my scent-eating skin.

    1. This plum is bred to be ornamental and not set much fruit. I love the purple foliage in the summer and the pink blossoms in early spring.

      I’ll keep Ambre Noir too and this new amber will just be a different option. Thanks so much for the nice feedback! Glad you’re enjoying the scents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. We’re still stuck in winter–in Maine we don’t even begin to dream about spring until March at the earliest.

    Today I’m wearing the Reves2 tester you sent to me. I think it’s perfect as it is! How much to you plan to change it, and when do you expect it to be for sale? I think it will make a lovely transition into spring (and beyond) fragrance for me.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hi Ann! Glad you like it! I made a few small adjustments since your tester, nothing major, and am sending out more testers this week. I should send you one. I’m hoping to release it in late March and think it’ll be a nice spring scent too.

      We have rain again and the mountains in the distance are covered in snow — much lower than normal. Very pretty!

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