Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2009! My brother and his family are visiting so we’ll have a little family celebration to ring in the new year. I think many people across the country are hoping 2009 will bring good changes. Hope your new year is full of joy!

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  1. Hello and Happy New Year from Vancouver’s North Shore …

    today… it is SNOWING! again! The plows have not cleared the side streets over the last 2 weeks and if you want to go out, it’s either ‘bring a shovel or stay home’. You are fortunate indeed to be living in such a temperate climate down there.

    I am going to order some of your samples in the new year, and I hope to also come down and visit your facility. I am so into perfume!
    I can’t imagine sitting in a warm place right now, so perfume is essential to lift my spirits.

    Peace , health, and wealth be with you in the New Year…



  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for the sweet new year’s wishes! Hope your 2009 is fabulous too!

    Yes, I’m really lucky living here. It’s been cold for us lately, but that just means frosty mornings and no snow except on the distant mountain peaks.

    Fragrance really does lift the spirits. I can very much relate to that!

    I’d be happy to send a sample order up your way when you see some things you’d like to try. If Lieu de Reves sounds interesting you might wait a couple weeks because it should be on the site mid-January.

    Hang in there with your snow!


  3. Hello,
    Happy new year from cold Slovenia!!!!!!!!!
    Luckily, your Opal wraps me inside of its impact and makes our cold mornings a bit less cold.
    Keep up a good work in 2009 and have a lot of personal achievements!!!!

  4. Hi Aleksandra! Glad you’re enjoying Opal! Bet it really is cold there. Brrr. Makes our frosty low last night of 28F sound wimpy.

    Thanks for good wishes! Hope your new year is wonderfull too!

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