Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!  My brother and his family will be visiting.  It’s always fun to see them.  My older niece is learning to ride horses and is still very excited about that.  The younger one starts school next year.  Both keep their parents and grandparents very busy.

I’m working on scent formulas.  I’m trying the new labdanum in Champaigne to see how that goes, and testing some other things.  Always helps to go outside and sit out in the fresh air for a while when testing  (spring and summer weather makes that nice).

We have a wild fox family that lives nearby and they’ve been coming to run around my porch just before dawn each morning, usually around 4-5 am.  They are very playful and find all kinds of mischief to get into, throwing porch bench cushions around the garden and picking up anything left loose outside.  It’s amazing how much noise they can make running around out there.  I’m wishing they’d find a different time schedule for it, lol.  We have huge wild turkeys here too that are fun to see.

Will get back to perfume topics this week.

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