Happy holiday weekend!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted, but the box project has kept me really busy, along with all the usual things (orders, new scents in progress, etc). The box file is finally ready to go to the printer, but it’ll still be a month before I’ll get the new boxes. The “no box” option will continue until then, and lots of people are taking advantage of that option.

I’ve been working on the two summery scents — the floral and the non-floral that I’d alluded to in a prior post. The non-floral is a unisex fig scent with notes of the fruit, leaves, and wood. I want to make it work in lotion as well as alcohol-based perfume. I’m close to being able to send out some testers, and I’m also close to having the second round of testers for the floral scent.

Yesterday I compared the current mod of the floral scent to the previous tester I had sent out, and it has made progress. It’s more floral now with more moisture in the drydown. There’s one thing that still bothers me that I’m going to work on, and I may need to choose between making the drydown more sandalwood dominant or more cedar dominant (it’s a blend now). I need to finish up the two summer scents so I can get back to the vintage inspired scent to release in the fall.

There was a brief review of Rose Musc on Perfume Posse Wednesday. Tom found it to be too much rose for himself but said he received quite a few compliments on it, and there was more discussion about it in the thread. I think it’s best for those who do like more prominent rose notes, and it’s been more popular with women than men.

Best wishes for a great 4th of July weekend!

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