Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Sending out best wishes for a holiday weekend with friends and family. We have nice sunny weather that’s not too hot, and the lavender is in full bloom here. I’m sniffing blooms on my mandevilla vine and trying to decide what they do and don’t have in the scent that makes them fresher than gardenia or jasmine. Wish my little gardenia plant would bloom again; I only had one really nice flower in spring, lol.

I need to keep the cart down for now but while it is down I’ll try to work on the gardenia blend(s) as well as the reformulations for oakmoss in Fireside Intense, Encens Tranquille, and Jour Ensoleille. That’s plenty to keep me busy right now and it’s easier to finish those with the cart down anyway, so I’ll try to make use of this opportunity. I plan to get back to some blending this weekend.

I was wearing a sample of vintage Mitsouko parfum the day before yesterday to remind myself of its mossy goodness and thinking how it seems less peachy than an edp sample I had once, though maybe that varies from one year’s batch to the next. The vintage parfum really is beautiful. I’m a bit scared to try the current version but should sometime. I’m hoping to try the new EL Jasmine White Moss; it sounds interesting and I liked the Tuberose Gardenia in this collection. (Here was a recent tempting review: Jasmine and White Moss.)

Hope your July 4rth is a fun one!

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  1. Hi Laurie! Hope everything is going okay and everyone is alright. Hope the shopping cart is back up and running soon since that will signal that things are back to normal for you. Take care, Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth, thanks for good wishes! I hope to know my schedule before too much longer. I’ll post an update on that when I can. I’ll try to get another perfume post up tonight too. Hope all’s well for you!

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