Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve been very lucky to have the parents I did, and I’m lucky that they are still doing well. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, and many, many thanks to mine. 🙂

I’ve been working on the summer scent and the new tobacco blend. The tobacco has gone far enough astray from Tabac Aurea to be something new. I hope to get samples of both out to some testers this week.

It’s a gorgeous hot day here today. Last Sunday night we had a scary, very weird thunder/lightning storm. From 1:00 am until 3:30 am we had hundreds of strikes that sounded like they were very close by. The news reported that 20 small fires started around Healdsburg, so some of them did touch down here. Luckily all the little fires were put out immediately, but farther north the fires were larger and harder to fight. Thunderstorms are rare here in summer, but they are dangerous because our dry summer grasslands are such a fire hazard. Thankfully, the weather is back to normal now.

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  1. That was quite the display last week, though most of the lightning seemed to have passed us by here in Sacramento. Glad they got the fires in your area under control quickly before any damage was done. I know here in the Central Valley many areas use herds of sheep or goats to graze down large areas of undergrowth to help reduce the fire hazard, which I think is pretty smart!

    I am excited about the summer scent and intrigued by the idea of a tobacco scent that is different from Tabac Aurea (the sample of TA I had I enjoyed but thought it pulled a bit too heavy on the tobacco/spice combo on my skin–even though there are several “masculine” scents I like plenty 😉 ). Hope the testing goes well!

    1. Hi Lizzy! I love the goat/sheep method of fire hazard reduction too!

      I’m actually just working on that today — one of the tobacco ingredients has a spicy kick to it and I need to reduce that in this new scent. You would hate today’s mod, lol. I’ll try another round tonight. Good to know I’m not worrying about that for nothing. 🙂

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