Happy Father’s Day!

Sending out best wishes for a happy Father’s Day with family. My brother and his family are up for the weekend, so that’s nice.

Getting very close on the box project now, but it will be a few weeks to have them printed once we turn in the files. Can’t wait to get them done.

I’ve added another checkout option online for those who occasionally have trouble with credit card checkout. You can now call in a credit card number after submitting an order online. It’s faster and easier to do the whole thing online, but this is a good backup option every now and then for those who need it.

I may have finally diagnosed and solved the internet connection problems I’ve been having, but I’m still crossing my fingers. My mifi 3G hotspot needed replacing (under warranty, thankfully) and the new one so far has worked great. That’s been such a relief the last two days not to have the connection drop every 30 minutes.

Happy weekend!

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