Happy Easter!

Best wishes for a great Easter weekend! My brother and his family are visiting for the weekend. The girls are dying eggs and looking forward to their Easter egg hunt. They just got a new dog, a beagle mix that they rescued; she’d been used in a research lab, which is really sad, but she has a great home now. She’s very sweet and amazingly trusting considering the life she must have had.

Here’s a lovable face. 🙂 Her name is Belle.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet face and congratulations to them all on their new addition. I hope you and yours have an absolutely wonderful Easter!

  2. Hi Gail! Yes, Belle is such a sweetie. She’s 3 years old and about 15 pounds, but she’s acting like a puppy since she’s discoverng the outside world for the first time. Her tail hardly stops wagging.

    Hope your Easter is wonderful too!

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