Gorgeous Fall Days

October is beautiful here, with warm sunny days and golden sunsets. I had a hard time coming in from the porch at lunch today to get back to work; I just want to let my eyes and spirit soak up the blue sky as much as I can, knowing in a few weeks the colder wet weather will start. I realize California winters are nothing to complain about, lol, but I’m a summer girl and always drag my feet as winter approaches. October is a wonderful time to visit the wine country if you want to miss the heat but still enjoy gorgeous sunny weather.

I received great news on the bottle labels today: the printer got the labels I returned and reprinted them and sent them out again overnight so I’ll have them tomorrow. That’s spectacular customer service. They have seemed like a great company all along, which is why the problem with the die-cut surprised me. I hope the labels look good tomorrow.

I’m working on orders. Hope to get back to gardenia whenever I can squeeze it in this week.

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