Good News on Travel Sprays and Champagne de Bois

The 5 ml travel sprays that I’ve had on back-order should finally arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have more silver and more black! I’m low on silver and have been out of black for months, so I’m really happy these replacements are on the way. I hope to put the black travel sprays back on the site tomorrow night. I’ll try to keep the pink and silver too because both have been popular as well.

My small group of testers has approved the CdB original reformulation (substituting the new labdanum for the old), so I’m scaling the formula up and preparing to batch it. I hope to have it back on the site next week if all goes well. The Vintage Rose reformulation is next to finish.

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  1. Woohoo, I am so excited to hear that CdB is ready to go, I’ve been waiting to try this for ages. My credit card is all charged up and ready for action. : )

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