Good news on a beautiful sunny day

Received news this morning that my new bottles are done in production and the order is ready to ship. It’ll take a few days to complete the customs forms and then three weeks by ship. Hope it all goes well!

Lots of orders shipped today. It has been a busy couple of days, as expected after being closed for a week and a half. The new label system is a big help though — I’m so glad I was able to complete that little project before putting the cart back up.

I’ve been testing ET and have one that I like the best. I took today off from sniffing it so that I could sniff with a fresh nose in a day or two.

I have a couple of daffodils in my room tonight that I snipped today. I like that funny little scent they have, so associated with spring for me. ūüôā

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  1. Hi Pinchy! I’ll send you a sample when it’s done and I appreciate your patience. I tested it again yesterday and am now trying some vanilla absolute in it instead of vanillin. The vanilla component is very small, much less than 1%, and it is not a big part of the scent’s character, but I’m thinking now that the extra naturalness and quality of the absolute will be better. I’m just trying that today.

    1. Laurie,
      I made a purchase of several samples from your web site. I’ve been so focused on ET that I never got around to looking at your other offerings! After reading the notes and reviews of Tabac Aurea, I’m have very high hopes! Cured tobacco is one of my favorite scents, right after frankincense and balsam. If the composition is as good as ET, I’m sure I’ll love it!

      You may hold the order until the ET sample is ready to ship if you see it going out before the end of March.

      1. Just sent you an email. I’ll send your sample order out and will include an ET tester. You’ve been really patient and I’d love your input. I’m just making some testers today. Thanks!

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