Friday update

The Name Game: I’m still deciding on the incense name. Someone who speaks French let me know that the syntax of Encens Reverie isn’t the best, and I’m not fond of Encens Rêveur or Encens Songeur. Other possible ideas are
Encens Absolu (absolute incense, maybe a nicer way to say it than Incense Pure)
Fete d’Encens (celebration of incense)
Encens Foncé (deep incense — need to check if this is more deep or dark)

Bottles: The new 1 oz bottles have been delayed and will arrive about the 29th instead of the 21st. That’s not too surprising. We received the paperwork that was missing and I think all is set for getting them through customs.

Scent Update: I need to scale up the formula for the incense and make the first batch. Once that is done I can put samples on the site, and then bottles after that. I’m working on Bouquet Blanche now and still need to make some changes but am making progress.

Misc: I need to finish taxes! Will try to work on that this weekend. Just got some of that new tobacco absolute today so I can play more with that now.

Happy weekend! 🙂

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  1. You could keep the Rêverie part and call it Rêverie d’ Encens, I guess. Foncé is used in colour description, as in deep blue=bleu foncé. Hope this helps a bit!

  2. Hi Elena, thanks, that’s a good idea for using reverie! And yes, looks like fonce isn’t quite right.

    The thing that worries me about Encens Absolu is that absolu may fit something like rose or jasmine better. There isn’t an “incense absolute” because incense is a mix of all kinds of things. There is frankincense absolute, but I’ve used frankincense CO2, not absolute, in this scent. I’d want the name to mean “Absolute Incense” rather than “Incense Absolute” and I’m not sure that’s how people would interpret Encens Absolu.

    In some ways I’d like to stick with English, maybe Incense Pure or Incense Tranquil. I like your twist on the reverie idea though! Thanks!

  3. Another English possibility is Incense Reverie since that does work in English.

    Part of the reason this name has been so hard for me is that I already went through this decision when I picked the name Encens Tranquille; I liked that best at the time so it’s been hard to choose something else.

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