Friday evening round-up

Computers are such blessings, putting us in touch with the world via internet, but they can be a headache when they fail.  My main computer is unable to receive power from the AC cord at the moment, even though the AC cord’s green light is on and it appears to work.  Dell is sending a tech Monday or Tues with a new power cord and a new motherboard.  I only have 20 minutes of battery time left on my main computer and no ability to charge it up with this cord not working, but I’ll have just enough time to back up a couple things. Meantime, I’m on my old back-up computer.  I have full access to all my orders and emails, with a little shuffling, so everything will be ok until the primary machine is fixed. 

Some of my labels are a little harder to print from the old machine, but it is doable. I’ll be switching to having the product labels printed for me before long.  My own printer can do just as nice a job, but the purchased ones will be laminated for extra durability and will be die-cut with more precision than I can do here.  I just have to get the Illustrator files ready to finish that project.

Haven’t had more time to work on the new scents, but hope to get back to it this weekend.  It’s over 100 degrees F again today and not the best day to test Ambre Noir.

There was a nice review of Opal yesterday on PerfumeShrine blog:

Happy weekend!  Hope my Dell tech shows up Monday!

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