Forest Walk Review, and some late summer pics

Forest Walk was reviewed today on Fragrance Belles-Lettres. Thanks, Felicia! Glad you had fun at the SF Fragrance Salon!

I took some pictures of the back deck here at Sonoma Scent Studio, showing the oaks that wrap around the deck.

The oak leaves are starting to fall and it is acorn season, with the sound of acorns hitting the roof as they fall. The noise can be disconcerting to visitors at first. 🙂

The summer annuals in pots will soon give way as the cold nights begin. In one deck corner, pots hold pansies, begonias, heirloom carnations, strawberries, and green and purple basil. The strawberries are still giving berries; the plants came from my Mom, whose strawberry patch produced a lot of baby plants that needed a home. Lucky me!

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  1. How did I never see this blog before? Hi Laurie! I am wearing this today and it’s my crush of the week. Any lotion available in Forest Walk?

    1. Hi Melissa! That’s funny! I guess you’d been getting the email version and hadn’t ventured over here yet. I need to link more from FB to the blog so people know about it. I’ve not been good enough about synching social media (so much to think about besides creating perfume, lol!).

      Glad you’re enjoying Forest Walk! No lotion in Forest Walk though. I think it’d be hard to get all the resins to be compatible in a lotion or oil base instead of an alcohol base so I haven’t tried, and the formula is so long it wouldn’t be worth doing a special version for body products. I’m working on some new scents that will be offered in body products as well as edp though. (Hoping to have at least two before Christmas, if possible.)

  2. I think that’s the first picture I’ve ever seen of your porch, Laurie (I love me a good porch). It’s beautiful. May you have a grand, extended autumn.

    1. Hi Dionne,
      Thanks! Sept/Oct are some of the prettiest months here. That’s the back porch. The deck wraps around from front to back, so it’s on three sides of the cottage. I love having it. I should try to get more pics. Hope you have a lovely autumn too!

  3. Stunning gorgeous photos! I can see where you get your inspiration from. One of the many aspects that make your fragrances so special to me is that they capture in olfactory format the “awe of nature”. One of these days I would love to see a fragrance made by you inspired by a night sky filled with stars and a full moon (one of my favorite scenes that I often witness from my deck in the late fall/winter). And one of these days I would love to see a snapshot of you in these lovely photos 🙂 !!

    1. Hi B! The night sky would be hard! What notes do you imagine for that? Moonlight has inspired a number of night floral scents, but I’m not sure what I’d do for that theme. I actually had someone help snap some pictures of me recently because it’s hard to do that by yourself and I know I should put one up sometime. Oh, I should send you a tester of a natural blend in progress that is about ready for testing!

  4. Oh please do send me a tester 🙂 !! You know where to find me!

    Hard to say what notes to put in…some associate osmanthus with the moon (it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite florals). Then there is night blooming jasmine. But I was thinking more in terms of a scent that captures a crisp,cool New England night late fall/early winter with lots of crisp, clean notes (juniper berry, cedar, scotch pine, peru balsam, etc) the way the air feels before the first snowfall of the season.

    I adore Forest Walk but I definitely associate that scent with the season of Autumn. Winter Woods is my favorite for the winter season. It comes across on my skin as a rich,sweet and comforting scent (very vanilla despite the fact that there is no vanilla in it!). I guess most folks that live in areas that experience a cold climate in the winter crave more comfort scents as the weather cools (ambers,vanillas,incense,etc). But I just thought a scent that evokes the stark, cold,still night sky would be beautiful as well!

    1. I was thinking along the same lines — cool and crisp. That’s what I feel when I think of a starry night. I think of being camping in the mountains where the night stars are even brighter and where you can see many more of them.

      Winter Woods has amber, and there’s some vanilla in the amber accord so you’re not imagining it. 🙂

      Will send you a tester. It has osmanthus and jasmine too so it may be up your alley, as long as you like vetiver.

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