Forest Walk Release

I released Forest Walk a few days ago and sent out a newsletter announcing it. Bottles and samples are available now on the site. Order volume has been very heavy, but we’re keeping up. Turn-around is still just a day or two. I appreciate all the interest in this new scent and hope people like it!

The color turned out to be gorgeous in the bottles. It’s the darkest juice yet in my line. It is a dark amber color with green tints from the fir and hemlock and some red tints from the Western red cedar and the oak. It looks very, very foresty! Photos don’t do it justice (or at least, my photos don’t).

I sent out three testers so far of the Champagne original reformulation (not the new floral variation). So far it seems very close to the original, but I’m waiting for more feedback. Meantime I’m working on the Vintage Rose reformulation and working on things for the July show. We’ve been having beautiful summery weather here.

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  1. OOOH! I was so excited to see that Forest Walk contains a high percentage of naturals ( I am still holding out for that all natural perfume,Laurie 🙂 !!) so I just ordered a purse spray! I know I will love it based on all the wonderful reviews and how much I love everything you create.

    1. Hi B! Thanks! I hope you like it! I think you’ll like the natural woods, but I don’t know if it’ll be stronger than what you want right now given your hubby’s desire for very quiet, nearly invisible scents. Good to start with a small amount and see what you think.

  2. “eau” my goodness! Just received my travel spray (dabbed it on instead of sprayed,lest hubby complain) and I guess I need to start saving my pennies for a full size bottle. As always,Laurie, spot on and brilliantly done! Growing up in the 70s I loved Channel 19 and wore it as a teen for it was so green,fresh and woodsy to me. Then I read current reviews describing No.19 as “cold and austere”. Well, to my nose, Forest Walk is the kinder, gentler,sweeter sister of No.19. I have always loved the forest and mountains for my husband was an avid hiker and when we met he took me hiking to the most unbelievable places such as Breakneck Ridge in upstate NY -soaringly high, overlooking the magnificent Hudson River, the scents of water, trees and wildflowers in the air- this is what Forest Walk represents to me:reminding me of the awe of nature. And for anyone who thinks that this scent is “overpowering” rest assured it is not but rather,plain and simply said, just gorgeous! Just out of curiosity, what is the approximate percentage of naturals?

    1. Thanks, B! I’m really glad you like it! I love No 19 too. I don’t have very many green scents that I love, but 19 is one of them. Forest Walk is over 50% natural, but I’d have to go tally it up on the Excel sheet to see the exact percentage by weight in the final formula. I could increase that percentage by substituting a few natural isolates for their synthetic counterparts; for example, I could use natural beta ionone isolate for the synthetic beta ionone, but the perfume would cost even more and most people wouldn’t detect a difference in scent. I chose to put the money into a large amount of expensive sandalwood absolute, black hemlock absolute, jasmine absolute, etc. I may replace some of my synth ingredients with their natural isolate counterparts as I continue on this perfuming journey though.

  3. The sandalwood note is gorgeous…is it New Caledonia? (I like it a bit more than the Australian). And by the way, both of my girls (ages 12 and 14) just complimented me on Forest Walk-the eldest said that I “smell awesome”. Great job,Laurie!

  4. OK, I know I keep harping on this but I got a chance to wear Forest Walk for several days in the Poconos Mountains, PA visiting my parents with my children (sans hubby,hence the perfume wearing 🙂 !!!). Aside from the fact that the scent lends itself perfectly to the environment (the Poconos are extremely foresty!) it is a multigenerational fragrance for EVERYONE as all (my mum,dad,teen daughter,tween daughter and young son) loved the way I smelled! Laurie, I hope that you sold a million bottles on July 8th! Everyone should be enveloped in a SSS scent! Have a great weekend!

    1. Aw, thanks, B! Glad you had a fun trip with your family and that Forest Walk fit in so well. I’m working on a show re-cap post tonight. Hope you have a great weekend too!

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