First Heat Wave of the Season

Wow, we had a high well over 90 today and a hot breeze this afternoon and evening.  That’s a bad combination for fire danger.  We’re just getting going on the hot season.

Even though it was hot I needed to work on some ambery scents today.  Diluted the new myrrh resin and it is more gentle than I would have expected when used in formulas; I’ll have to see how it works out.  I really want to get back to a couple more summery scents, but I need to finish what I’m doing on these others first.

Tried a new organic shampoo with lavender essential oil and that was pleasant to use!  Nice way to start the day.  My lavender plants are sending up bud spikes but not blooming yet.

Edited to add: The hot wind roared all night.  It’s still blasting this morning, but even with the wind through the open windows it is 82 degrees both inside and outside at 6 am.  It will probably heat up to 100 outside today (will close windows shortly), so this will not be a good day for scent testing.   I just hope CA gets by this windy heat wave without fires starting.

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