Final Post in Series on Nathan’s Blog

The last post just went up on the Nathan Branch blog in the Letters To A Fellow Perfumer series. Mandy Aftel just released her new Sepia perfume based on her impressions of the CA ghost towns that she has visited. The final mod is really quite beautiful and unique, a deft combination of strong players that she coaxes into working together.

I’m getting back to Forest Walk now, and I feel very close. I’m also working on the CdB take-off; I’ve added some osmanthus and a hint of leather. The sandalwood notes are softer, and it has added jasmine, moss, and patchouli.

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    1. Thanks, Claude! Glad you had fun reading the letters; I had fun doing them!

      I’m really intrigued with this CdB take-off. I think it’s about ready for test sniffing. I’m trying to get a new mod of Forest to go out with the CdB testers, but I don’t have it quite yet.

    1. Thanks fiftyroses! I’m liking the CdB take-off a lot! The heart is the same, but softer, and it has a lot of nice naturals added. It’s too different to be a replacement for CdB, but you can still tell where it came from. I also made another Forest mod tonight and will test it against 25b tomorrow. Progress! 🙂

  1. I read Essence and Alchemy five times in a one month time span this past fall. It was such a fantastic read and would love for it to inspire you, Laurie, to come out with a 100% natural- I keep crossing my fingers 🙂 !!
    When do you think the CdB variant will be available in samples? I love the fact that you have used more naturals in this one and I am dying to try it 🙂

    1. I’m working on both the cdb take-off and forest today. I think I may have solved the seaweed mystery in forest! I’ve made a few changes that I like, but it needs a few more adjustments. The cdb take-off is getting really interesting. I have several mods to test and decide which is best. I hope to send out testers of both scents next week. Once I finish these and a unisex rose that I’m working on, my next project is a natural one. 🙂

      I read Essence and Alchemy years ago when it first came out and it did inspire me very much. I didn’t go all natural, but the book gave me the push to learn perfumery beyond the basic blends I was doing at the time. It’s a wonderful book!

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