Femme Jolie update

I took samples of Femme Jolie off the list a month or so ago because I am down to the last few bottles and didn’t think it was fair to sell samples when not everyone would be able to buy a bottle if they liked it. I’m thinking of doing a blog drawing for buying the remaining bottles. I won’t be able to make more once this batch is gone; I would have to reformulate it and would rather let it go for now and keep working on the new scents instead. I think I’ll pour the remainder into 17 ml bottles to determine exactly how many are left and then just offer that size (rather than the 34 ml) to maximize the number of bottles I can distribute.

I just thought I’d give a heads up here to let blog readers know to keep an eye out for the blog draw if Femme Jolie is on your wish list. Since I have a very limited number left, a drawing seemed like a fair way to determine who buys these, but I’m open to suggestions. My shopping cart does not have inventory control counting, so I can’t tell it to say “sold out” after selling some number of items as you can do with etsy or ebay. I’ll have to look into a solution for that issue if I do some limited editions in the future.

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  1. I’m all for a blog draw–Femme Jolie is in my “Top 5” so getting more before it’s gone would be WONDERFUL!

    Will certainly stay turned to see what you decide!

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