Fall is in the air

Starting to feel like fall here, with cooler, shorter days and even our first rain due.   I’m just finishing a batch of Jour before putting the cart up.  Also working on labels on the new printer.  We’ll have a preview page up soon on the jewelry section too. 

 In making Jour I had to decide between two oakmosses.  One seemed earthier and the other greener.  I like both!

We’ve decided on two versions of Fireside and they’re on the site.  One is a variation on the original (a tad smokier), and the other is much smokier and has added leather notes (that is Fireside Intense).

 Hope you’ll try the new rose scents too.  Rose Musc is soft and versatile, and Cameo should be fun for lovers of rose/violet blends.

 More soon.

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