Encens Tranquille

I took some time today to do the first couple trials for putting the new moss and labdanum into Encens Tranquille. I want to leave this scent the same, though it would be easy to soften just a tad, which is tempting. I’ll make a couple mods and see. The level of new moss seems fine, and the new labdanum is drier than the old so there are no sweetness issues to cause trouble here.

I have a few volunteer testers already who love the original, and I want to be sure they still like the reformulation. I’d also be curious to find a couple testers who liked the original but were on the fence about it, perhaps finding it a little strong. You do need to like natural frankincense and sandalwood to like this one. It opens with a very strong frankincense note, and the drydown has prominent sandalwood and labdanum with the incense. I can’t send out too many testers right now because I’m still quite busy trying to finish the things that need to be done so I can put the cart back up, but I’d like to send a few testers out to incense lovers to get feedback. I’d like to get Encens Tranquille and Fireside Intense back on the site since they won’t take long to reformulate.

We’re in a heat wave again with temps over 100! Should cool in a few days though.

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  1. It must be “interesting” to say the least to be working on Encens and Fireside II in the middle of the summer (LoL!!!). I got my decants and have wanted to try them but have been fearful they’d blow me out of the water now that NJ is also in full summer weather. I’ll have to pull up my belt, take a deep inhale, and give them a try!

    1. Forgot to mention – My (Episcopal) church burns incense on a regular basis – I always inhale deeply….. I believe Frankincense is a vital component there.

  2. Hi Ann,

    It really is too hot for those two now, especially Fireside Intense. I need to work on them now though to get them back up before fall. You might wait a couple months, or at least for a cool spell.

    I’m trying Encens with less oakmoss and like it better, plus I added a smidge of orris and a couple softening notes. After all that worry over the moss change it will be funny if I end up lowering that in Encens! I overshot on the softening though and need to pull it back up a notch now.

    I’ve loved frankincense since the first time I sniffed it, which was not in incense but from an EO bottle, lol. Good stuff. 🙂

    1. You know, I had a bottle of EO called “Queen of Roses” that was a blend of Turkish Rose, Geranium and Frankencense. I misplaced prior to my last move and haven’t been able to find it since. A pity because the smell was really lovely…

      1. Don’t you hate when a small bottle disappears that way! That’s funny though because last night I was thinking some rose would be pretty in this, but that’s going too far afield from the original so I’ll save it for another scent. I like incense and rose too though.

  3. Perhaps you can save the idea for a future endeavor? You’ll have the largest collection of rose scents this side of the Atlantic for sure!

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