Encens Tranquille update

I will get back to the reformulation of ET and I have two ideas. When I worked on this before, I was trying to put in both the new moss and new labdanum, and I think I’ll keep the old labdanum instead to keep it more consistent. I also just received a sample of a new wood absolute last week that may be quite nice in ET. It has some pretty mossy nuances and very light smokiness (nothing like birch tar but just a hint of smokiness). I want to try the original ET formula with the new moss and a touch of this new wood. I won’t get my supply of this new ingredient for a couple of weeks but can work from the sample for now. I’ll say more about it after my order comes, but I’m excited about it.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about when ET might return, so I know I need to get back to it. I’ll also have the shea cream back by early next week. And I’m getting some gift boxes and ribbon in time for the holidays. I’ll post some photos of the options on the gifts page once I have it all ready. Lots to do! I’ll write some more perfuming posts once I catch up a little more, especially as I get closer to sending out testers.

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